Monday, August 20, 2007

Warning: MEME Ahead...

1. The phone rings. Who do you want it to be? Nobody...I hate it when the phone rings...unless it's someone offering to take my kiddos off my hands for a few hours;)

2. When shopping at the grocery store, do you return your cart? Almost always return the cart to the proper place... don't want to be responsible for the run-away cart. My dad is an insurance agent...enough said!

3. In a social setting, are you more of a talker or a listener? Unfortunately, usually the talker. Of course, I usually say something that I regret and obsess about it for the next 2 days.

4. If abandoned alone in the wilderness, would you survive? If I was abandoned alone in the wilderness, I'd probably shoot myself... can't survive without my coffee maker, laptop, and hairdryer.

5. Do you like to ride horses? I HATE horses. Seriously, they freak me out. When I was a little kid, I once road into a metal barn on one.

6. Did you ever go to camp as a kid? Gymnastic camp. My favorite part was ordering pizza at night in the dorms.

7. What was your favorite board game as a kid? Mystery Date...I always wanted to open the door to the cute skier, but usually got the nerd.

8. If a sexy person was pursuing you, but you knew he/she was taken what would you do? Blog it!

9. Are you judgemental? Unfortunately, yes. I am always working on this, though.

10. Do you know how to shoot a gun? I've always wanted to shoot a gun, but have no desire to own one.

11. If your house was on fire, what’s the first thing you’d grab? My kids and my scrapbooks.

12. How often do you read books? Daily...Love to read! Sydney's teachers sent an email telling us to purchase the book The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall. I read it in a was THAT good! If you don't read anything else all year, read this book!

13. Do you think more about the past, present or future? Unfortunately the past. I often replay events in my I would have done things differently.

14. What is your favorite children’s book? Right now, Willy the Wimp by Anthony Browne

15. How tall are you? 5'9 and a quarter. My mom is 5'2 and my dad is 6'3.

16. What are the keys on your keychain for? My car and my house. Don't remember what the other keys unlock. I keep them on the chain, though, so I'll look important:o

17. What did you do last night? Picked up Sydney from soccer practice, ate Bratworst (which I'm still paying for today) and visited Aunt Debbie

18. What movie do you want to see right now? Bratz: The Movie....just kidding. Probably, The Bourne Ultimatum...Matt Damon is hot:)

19. What will you do for New Year’s? It's my anniversary. HH and I usually prefer to spend it at home.

20. Do you own a camera phone? Yes, I do. I rarely use it, but have tons of photos on it that the kids have taken.

21. What’s the first letter of your middle name? L for Lee

22. How many hours of sleep do you get at night? Am finally getting 7 or 8 hours of uninterrupted Effexor!!!!

23. What do you sleep in? a big t-shirt and undies. (My kids are going to freak when they see that I've written the word "undies" on my blog)

24. Anything big ever happen in your hometown? My middle school counselor stabbed his son.

25. Is your tongue pierced? No freakin' way...ouch! My 80 year old grandmother once sent me an Ann Landers article on the dangers of getting your belly button pierced, though... how did she know I was contemplating it at the time?????

26. Who is the funniest person you know? Ok, I don't actually know her, but Bossy cracks me up, her sense of humor!!!! I also get a kick out of Big Mama. Of the people I ACTUALLY know, I'd have to say HH (after a couple of drinks):o

27. Do you like funny or serious people better? Definitely funny...I want to be entertained!

28. Did you eat a cookie today? Not yet...could definitely go for a macadamia nut cookie from Subway, though.

29. Do you use cuss words in other languages? No, but I know all of them in sign language and like to bring them out at parties (just kidding, mom).

30. Do you steal or pay for your music downloads? I used to be the queen of the pirates, but I now pay for all of my downloads.

31. Is your cell phone usually on Vibrate or ring? Vibrate, cause I love the way that feels;) (again, Mom, just kidding).

32. Do you need a boyfriend/girlfriend? Hubby says no.

Saw this on Soul's blog!


Terri and Bob said...

What does MEME stand for? Ok, now that you know I am a computer idiot, let me just say I loved reading your responses, especially about blogging the sexy pursuer...

Sniz said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. This list is awesome and we have a lot in common (although I've always only dreamed about being 5'9"), especially numbers four, five and six. I, too, talk a lot and then obsess about what I said for days, and horses are out to get me! :-)

Anonymous said...

Horses? Beautiful to look at. Other than that? Scare me and I have no use for them.

I totally want to learn to swear in sign language :)

I need me some Effexor!!

Dana said...

My oldest (13) is trying to teach me cuss words in Italian. I'm not really proud of it.

I may have to steal this from you since, lately, I can't come up with anything interesting to say even if I was paid to.

C.A. said...

LOVE IT! I'm going to "borrow" the meme for my own!




JamalT said...

You have a crazy life.

Go see The Bourne Ultimatum. It's awesome!

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

I liked your answers.
It is good to get to know you a little better.
You are going to like the new Bourne movie.

Horses are a lot like people, some are good, some are not. Mine was awesome.

You and Steve are good people. I can tell.


CrazyDeb said...

Alpha Dude you are right! They are VERY good people!!

Love the list! Cracks me up how you apologize to Mom in your answers. Wait until I see her!

SOUL: said...

THIS is most excellent !!
loved the wilderness one... how funny. yep i forgot about my laptop when i said i'd survive. hmmm.

and holy crap... you are one TALL woman!!!

very funny .. and the phone.. funny stuff.

imaeskimo said...

I wish I were 5'9"...Even when I buy fabulous heels, I am not 5'9". I think I might borrow this also. :)

Kate said...

new reader just dropping by here - love your blog! like the meme - it's not like all the other boring ones; think I'll post it tomorrow