Sunday, August 26, 2007

Belated Birthday Bash

It's August 25th, and I just realized that I haven't written about Griffin's birthday.
My baby turned 8 on the 18th.
Since High School Musical 2 was premiering the day before his actual birthday, he decided that he wanted to have his cousins over to watch it on the big screen in our basement. At the last minute, we also invited a couple of his friends.
Little Molly was there with her siblings, and freaked us all out when she asked if she could go see Cosmo (our German Sheperd). We've had Cosmo for about 3 1/2 years and he is absolutely wonderful with kids, but after the incident, we were not letting any of our animals within 10 feet of her!
We were a lively group. My Mom, Dad, Aunt Debbie, all the kids, my sis and I settled down on what we lovingly refer to as The Love Lounge (a very 70s looking pit couch) and sang and clapped along with the movie music. We were rockin' by the end of the movie! The kids were a little embarrassed for us at first, but soon joined in. They weren't about to let us adults have all the fun!


Biddy said...

love the glasses! where oh where can i get some!?

Robyn said...

OK! That is strange what is that on your faces...? LOL! Love it! Love that your whole family joined in! Happy Belated Birthday!

CrazyDeb said...

What a great birthday!!! However, I think you have made a mistake. There can be no way that G is 8!!!! Wasn't it just last week that he and I were playing cars on the floor at church??