Monday, July 23, 2007

Once Bitten, Not Shy

I would just like thank you all for your kind words and prayers. I am so blessed to have such great people in my life (and on the web).
Molly is recovering and seems to be doing really well. We drove down to their house on Saturday, and she was her usual cute self. The teeth marks on her cheeks had faded and her lip swelling had gone down. She was comfortable around her dogs...throwing the ball to them and herding them into their kennel when playtime was over. I'm so glad that this incident hasn't soured her towards all pups.
At my house, my kids have processed the incident and are ready to move on. Reilly said to me last night, "Mom, can we not talk about this anymore?"
I'm trying to move on, but still harbor feelings of guilt. Molly did absolutely nothing to provoke the bite, and the puppy had exhibited some aggressive behaviors before this occurred.
Anyway, I am tired of talking about it, and am going to try to move on...let sleeping dogs lie;)
Thanks again for the encouraging words.

Molly- the night of the accident, after stitches

(Saturday afternoon)Lots of icecream- Doctor's orders!


SOUL: said...

see erin... i told ya... she is gonna heal very nicely...and quickly too!
honestly, my main concern i guess was yours too..well one of yours...i was afraid that she would have a lifelong fear of all dogs. sooooo glad that did not happen! if it's not there this never will be. that makes me breathe a huge sigh of relief... for ALL of you out there.
really glad things are looking better, and that you are feeling better.
have a good day!

C.A. said...

I'm so glad she's doing well. That picture of her with the big smile and then the fishing shot are so great! I totally understand you feeling the way you do about the incident. My niece was bitten by my sister in laws dog, on the lip, also. She did nothing to provoke the attack, I was right there when it happened. My sister in law was so cavalier about the whole thing, and here I was thinking...OMG OMG OMG...if it were me, I'd be the total opposite!

Amy P said...

She is so precious, with a huge spirit. That had to be draining on all of you and I'm glad you all are feeling better now.

PS, That happened to my husband too at a young age and he now has a cute little scar on his lip....tee hee.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little girl!! So glad she's doing well and will heal with no problems.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that she is doing better...I was praying for you all!

green said...

wow, what a little trooper. I'm glad she's going to be fine and is not emotionally scarred by this incident.


Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Still adorable after all that.
And that huge smile! Wow.

What an awesome little girl.

Blessings to you.

CrazyDeb said...

See, ice cream! It cures EVERYTHING!!! She is going to be just fine and now it's time to let it go. She certainly seems to have done that and it's your turn. I know how difficult it is because of the love you feel towards her but if you keep thinking about it then she'll start.


An Iowa Mom said...

I will have to look for a picture ... but my Jake was bit by our neighbor's dog when he just turned one! He lost his front tooth ... the ONLY one he had thus far and I never saw him with two front teeth. THAT bothered me ... but BIG picture, not a big deal.

Molly (LOVE THE NAME) will be fine. I can tell by the pictures. Maybe a LITTLE scar ... but things look to be healing well.

Take a deep breath. :)