Saturday, June 30, 2007


In honor of all the rain we have received lately, I updated my project playlist. Most of the moms I know absolutely HATE this song, but I'm kind of diggin' it...especially the "umbrella- ella-ella-eh-eh-eh" part!
Yeah, I'm kind of dorky like that:)


JamalT said...
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JamalT said...
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Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

That looks like one of those Chinese dragon rainy day umbrella parade things.

Or something like that.

EE said...

I just quickly grabbed the picture off the web. Yeah, it kind of does look like a Chinese New Year celebration!
I'm dang proud of being a dork:)

tammi said...

Just noticed you on my map and thought I would drop in and check out your blog-ola.
Great blogging.Gona add you to my faves....K?
Wonder why everyone has the same type of umbrella?lol
Must be some Chinese shin-dig.
I personally don't care for the rain...makes my hair curl up.UuGH!LOL
Take Care,

Household Executive said...

I love that part of the song as well. It is fun to sing!

Amy P said...

Crazy! My hubby dressed the kids in empty Gymboree bags turned ponchos yesterday and made them play outside. The umbrellas reminded me of them.

SOUL: said...

i'm guessing, it's probably a good thing i don't have speakers on this computer? :)

Gina said...

Not dorky....a fun mom! A Kool-Aid mom!! I haven't heard the song yet.

These umbrellas remind me of Twister, the game. Do your kids have it?

Anonymous said...

That part of the song always gets jammed in my brain...over and over and over, eh eh eh :)

mistihollrah said...

I am soooo glad that the rain has stopped! I know we needed it but I didn't want to do anything but sleep those 3 days!

Love the song!