Saturday, June 16, 2007

Flagpole Sitta (Lip Dub)

Saw this over at my friend's blog, and had to share.
Love it!!!!!!!

Don't know what's wrong with me. I haven't felt like writing anything the last few's rare that I don't have anything to say.
I've been struggling with using my kid's real names here. I went back and changed their names on the past 100 posts, but realized that their names are all over the comments sections and photo links, too. Ugh, why do I always have to be the queen of TMI????
Anyway, enjoy the video and have a good night!!!


Eve said...

I stole the video. Too funny!

We all go through blog slump... no biggie =)

CrazyDeb said...

Don't go beating yourself up. I apologize for any time I used one of the kids' names - try to use their first initial but know there are times when I don't. Ya got a writer's block going on kind of and that will pass. It's just an end of school, beginning of summer thing.

Love ya!!

theotherbear said...

That is one truly funny video. Laughed my head off.

SOULMANGE: said...

very creative, and TOO funny!!!
i must put it on my page tooo.

i hope you are feeling better E. i know the writing slumps and blog blahs too.

you can't undo that you put their names up...but after a while, they will drop off of google, etc. it's ok... just remind them of stranger danger...since "people" may know their names and faces.

that is why i try to use aliases on my blog. even though i have begun to post a lot more pix than i did at first...i still don't like using names.

anyhow... relax...and get back on here....we've missed you!

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Most people use made up names when they talk about their kids in their blog. No one would know the difference until you decide to tell them.

Did you also know that your profile says that you are 36?
Didn't you just have a birthday recently?

Gee, if she isn't honest about her age, then........

Blessings to you and your awesome family.

green said...

yes, first initials only are the way to go going forward.

and who actually reads old posts and comments anyway????

bobbarama said...

Great video. Lots of fun. If you liked that one, you'll really really like this one!

LG said...

I found you through Lizarita's blog - very cool. I laughed because I posted this video on my blog a while back as well. Keep up the great blogging and photography - I like to call it "the good work."