Friday, June 22, 2007

The Breast Sandwich

Griffin- Is the breast sandwich healthy?
Me- Excuse me????
Griffin- Is the breast sandwich healthy???
Me- I don't think I'm familiar with the breast sandwich. Do you mean turkey breast?
Exasperated, he goes to the freezer and pulls out a packaged microwavable chicken breast sandwich from Sam's Club.
Griffin- This breast, Mom...This breast (duh!).


Shauna said...

Duh. ha ha ha!

That Chick Over There said...

Well DUH! :)

Gayle said...

That conversation could have gone many ways! Good choice. (snicker-snicker)


SOULMANGE: said...

i hear that any breast is healthy for the male species... but not at G's age ! LOL

Anonymous said...

Dear E, anything that comes prepackaged from SAMS is not healthy, please let G know.

Gina said...

you can nuke the lettuce? Must be pretty hearty!

Hey, I had the most embarrassing moment in Shoprite. I was standing in front of the raw packaged chicken parts, looking for the breasts. They are revamping the old shop rite and this gorgeous guy, the electrician comes walking right up to me, probably would have kept walking but he was right there and I needed help. I thought, oh, here's someone I can ask.... Suddenly I realized how I was going to have to say the B word. I couldn't get the word "breasts" out of my throat. " Uh...i am looking for the white knwo the white meat?"
He goes " You want the "breasts". Oh. my.gosh. This guy is saying the B word! "Right". He finds them and I say, " Uh thank you, I think I am just going get a rotisserie chicken, but thank you." He said soemthing funny about if he ever saw me again...blah blah." I just ducked out of there. Something about asking a handsome guy to help you find breasts.