Monday, June 04, 2007

Baseball, Anyone?

In the last month, I've seen an obscene amount of baseball.
In the last 3 days alone, I have witnessed 7 softball games (five competative, two rec).
Now, I love myself some baseball, but 7 games (in this short time period) for one child, is a little much...don't you think???
Anyway, 3 notable things happened during the tournament:
#1- Reilly hit a triple. Well, technically she had a solid hit which got her to first base. There were errors in the outfield, and she wound up at third. This was significant because it got her out of her batting slump, and it allowed 2 of her fellow teammates to score.

#2- A bird pooped on my shoe. We won the next game.

#3- One of our umpires bent over and ripped a major hole in his pants.

I did bring this to the attention of the proper authorities, but not until AFTER I snapped the picture.
Needless to say, I was a little distracted during this game...I couldn't take my eyes off of the rip:o

Thought I'd leave you with this ESPN highlight from the weekend.

I especially love the little grenade bit!!! Teehee!!!!


MBZ said...

i think it's funny how you got a picture of that ripp :)and man i saw that coach flip out it was crazyyy

SOULMANGE: said...

kudos to Riley!!! she has more energy than any female in my entire family combined! Ever had.
and you, get the mom of the year award for sure.
i had a tough enough time making it through ONE football season when my nephew lived with us when he was 14. (going to his games etc)...and of course 2 years of my own girls' band concerts etc)
7 games. i would be in a back brace after 2 i bet.
good for you.
and GO "EE TEAM" !!
hope you recover soon. :))

John DeMarco said...

The rip in the umpire's pants is great. That's funny that you took a picture.

I just know one of my embarrasing moments is going to wind up on the internet because of a video phone.

An Iowa Mom said...

Love it.

I'm with you on the baseball. We had a double header Saturday, a game tonight, double header Thursday and double header Sunday. Then, the next 3 weekends are tournaments, 2 of which are out of town so we will all pack up because no one ever wants to miss the hotel swimming pool. Heaven forbid.

Love the rip in the pants. Classic.

Oh ... I was a Hickman grad. Boyfriend, who became husband, who then became ex-husband was a Rockbridge grad. 1989. You?

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

How inspiring it is to know that you could take those pictures, enjoy a good "rip", and cheer on your daughter a while knowing there is bird poop on your shoe.

Truly amazing.

Thanks for the comments. I like the candy bar idea, I may have to try that one. I have been trying to get our sound guy at church to play a recording of a toilet flushing after people step up and out of the baptism tank. Sort of puts the lid on the "washing away of sins", don't you think?


Dana said...

Better bird poop on your shoe than buzzard poop on your shoulder!

I wouldn't have able to stope laughing long enough to take that picture of the ump!

Anonymous said...


CrazyDeb said...

It takes me twice as long to get home from work in the summer - spend a LOT of time waiting for people to turn into and out of the ball fields off Scott. That and the thought of a bird pooping on me is enough to keep me away from all little league games. :o) You crack me up as usual.

AND to Alpha Dude - I hope our tech guys don't read the toilet flushing thing! They're apt to do it and I would be laughing so hard would miss the next story! You're SO funny!!

DSB said...

In the throes of Babe Ruth playoffs here. I will be at the ball park all day tomorrow, ear infection and all.