Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Since we arrived home on Friday afternoon, we've attended 3 softball games, 1 coach pitch game, 2 soccer games, and 2 ball practices.
We've attended a Mother's Day lunch and a Sunday night church service (The Underground).
HH has gone back to work, the kids have been in school, and I have substituted 2, 1/2 days.
I love to complain about how busy we are, but if truth be known, I'm actually loving it!
I am happy, tan, relaxed...ready to conquer anything!
Well, anything but food preparation:0

That being said, this morning before I had to be at school, I went to the grocery store to stock up on some of the essential staples.
Like Eve (sorry, I can't find the specific post), I thought I'd share them with you.
Please don't judge my selections...ok, feel free to judge... I HATE to cook, and I'm just pretty darn lazy in the kitchen.
If you'd like to come over and prepare some healthy meals for my fam...feel free, we'd love it!!!
Anyway, back to my purchases...

Breakfast Selections:

Lunch Selections (had to pull these picts from the web...I forgot to photograph mine):

Dinner Selections:


and before you report me to The Department of Family Services...

Oh yeah, I bought these for R2 & HH...

I didn't see the price until I got up to the register. This is what $14.50 worth of Pistachios look like.
Just a little bit more than a Pina Coloda in paradise, but not near as much fun;)


CrazyDeb said...

Let's see, you don't like to iron - I do. You don't like to cook - I do. Either we're so different we shouldn't be friends or I should quit my job and live at your house as your cook and laundry person. I don't like to clean so can't be your housekeeper. Can you afford me? :o)

So glad you're back!!!

SOULMANGE: said...

hmmmm..... if i shopped like that all the time it would last about two days in this house. i barely even buy much snack foods cuz hubby and daughter saw right through them...whatever, and however much... within the first day or two. i even started buying stuff like fresh fruit and yogurt, to try and make the ez stuff last longer. did it work? uhhhh NO.
in fact, last night, during my starvation attack before dinner...with not a darn thing to snack on...and i mean NUTHIN. well, maybe if i wanted some dry saltines.... but, there was nothing. except real food that had to be cooked. and why bother, at dinner time.
so... i decided that i am gonna start my own stash!!!! i can make a can of pringles last a week ! hubby and child? about ten minutes!!!! so yep. if i want to ever have something to snack on in my time of need...i am going to have to begin HIDING it from them!!!!
wanna know another of my famous phrases? aside from "get up!"....
it's "can't have nuthin".
it's so true though. all the way from cars being stolen, to storage bins being robbed, to being last in line when i want something... all the way down to a stinking snack ! can't have nuthin.
anyhow. if i could, i would cook prepared food all the time too. but it would only last a matter of days...besides i don't mind cooking...in fact, sometimes i like to cook...if i'm not too worn down. it's the cleaning up that i have a problem with.
alright. sorry for writing so much.
have a good one

SOULMANGE: said...

wow... now that i see that posted over there... i should apologize again. that's like my very own blog post...on YOUR page. sorry.

Household Executive said...

I can't believe the pistachios cost that much! Holy Cow!

My mom was just like you when we were growing up...she HATED to cook. Our question of the day wasn't "What's for dinner" it was "Where are we going for dinner".

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Okay....NOW I'm hungry!

And I just had lunch, too!

Oh well,


Eve said...

Ahh yes, my groceries...


It IS kinda voyueristic eye candy to spy in one's cart. Ha ha. I know ALL about the $15.00 bag of pistachios, thanks to Adam. Why are they so expensive?!

ConservaChick said...

Your sports schedule sounds like ours! Tonight it's ballet (2 different classes), gymnastics, and a dress rehearsal. Tomorrow two boys with baseball... It's craziness I tell ya! AND, I must admit, with schedules like these, my grocery cart looks more and more like yours. Freezer Pizzas... here we come!

Oh, The Joys said...

Are the Weight Watchers breakfast items any good?

That Chick Over There said...

I heart the WW breakfast muffins!