Monday, May 28, 2007

How Well Do You Know Your Child?

I am a terrible mother.
Sydney sent me a quiz that she prepared about herself, on I took it, and got a whopping 60%.
I called my mom (who's in the photo with Sydney) and told her my results. Her reaction... "You mean, you scored a 60% on a test about your first born?"
Yeah, that didn't make me feel any better. Nor did the fact that my mother scored better than me, as did 2 other of Sydney's friends:o
When I talked to Sydney about it later, she was shocked that I had missed so many.
I had absolutely no idea that she hated a certain frozen entree that I serve religiously for dinner. Who in their right mind doesn't like frozen pizza?????

Anyway, I thought I'd include the link so that should you feel inclined, you could see how much you know about my daughter. I've already given you one correct're guaranteed at least a 10%.
Try it, and let me know!!
Sydney's Super Awesome Quiz


CrazyDeb said...

Ok, they were guesses!!!! I just guessed on most of them!!!!!! You really do know Syd better than I do!!!!!!!!

Eve said...

You and you mom look SO much alike it's almost spooky! Too cute.

I would take it, but if I do better than you I would feel HORRIBLE. Ha ha

EE said...

WTH Debbie????? 70%%%%%%%%%%%

Eve- I have more wrinkles than my sucks!

SOULMANGE: said...

don't feel bad, i probably wouldn't do much girl changes her mind...about EVERYTHING...every other day. i can't keep up with her likes and dislikes anymore! it's the age i beleive.

Anonymous said...

I'm more floored that she doesn't like frozen pizza and your score on her test :)

Your Mom looks so young! More like your sister than your mother!!

An Iowa Mom said...

I took the quiz ...

and got a



Can you believe it? I guess I know your daughter quite well, and I never met either of you.

Are you in Columbia? I used to live there growing up. That must be why I scored so well.


Two Sisters said...

I might have to take that quiz! You might enjoy Debi Stack's interview over at our blog. The title of her book is called Smotherly Love. Now isn't that perfect?

Household Executive said...

I got a 40% and I don't know her, just through reading your blog.

Your mom is beautiful!

CrazyDeb said...

Calm down!!!! I told you they were guesses! Anything I knew for sure would be something I learned from you. You are a FANTASTIC mom!!! You would probably be able to answer more questions about my niece than I could and she lives with me and you've never met her. You're just much closer to 20 than I am. :o)

Mom does look great! I love her to pieces.

Dana said...

I would be afraid, very afraid, to take a quiz about my daughter!

John DeMarco said...

I got a 60 on the quiz! The greatest question was, Who embarrasses you the most... and the answer was "her mom". Too funny.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Wow. That's your mom? Whatever is in the water where you live, I'd like some please.

Slackermommy said...

I got a 60 also. I think Fatso cheated. I blame my low score on the fact that I was distracted by all the flashing advertisements.