Friday, May 04, 2007

Flashback Friday

Don't know if I've already posted this pict, but it's one of my all time favorites!
HH and R2 could live off of Shakespeare's pizza. Little Reilly, can put away 6 pieces!!!


Jennifer said...

I guess I'm a little slow.

Scott Spezio yesterday.

Shakespeare's pizza today.

Finally read your profile.

Ahh, yes the great state of MISSOURI!!!!!!!

I sure miss MO. Would move to STL in a heartbeat, am from Springfield. Brother went to the college in the town that I'm pretty sure you live in. I, too, love that pizza!

It's a small world!

An Iowa Mom said...

LOVE Shakespeare's Pizza. :) I'm from Columbia!


John DeMarco said...

That's the biggest pizza I've ever seen!

Eve said...

Everytime we go back to Columbia it is STRAIGHT to Shakespheres!

Last time, I found a lump of the raw dough that they give kids IN BOTTOM OF MY PURSE THREE DAYS LATER=). Ummm, thanks guys?! Yuck.

Regardless... the BEST!

Eve said...
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Amy P said...

When she grows up, I can't help but think she'll love the photo too. Her and Dad....priceless.

Amanda said...

I started my diet this morning and I swear this pizza look so freakin delicious!