Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Erin Likes To...

I've got nothin' tonight, so I stole this from Seriously?.

In Google, type your name and "likes to" in quotation marks (ex: "Jesse likes to"). Then make a list of the first ten results to share.
Ok, the first 10 were absolutely too boring to share, so I perused the results, and posted the 10 that I found most interesting;)

1. When not creating art, Erin likes to play her blue ukulele
2. She may enjoy accessorizing her nudeness with a pair of high heels and perhaps a flower in her hair, but Erin likes to keep clothing to a minimum. ...
3. Erin likes to dress-up and pretend, particularly when she gets to be a princess and wear sparkly clothes and jewelry.
4. Erin likes to take self-photos like it's her job. A job at which she is extremely talented.
5. When not busy designing for Ralph Lauren, Erin likes to spend her time judging people - especially people in T-Shirts.
6. Erin likes to hump leprauchans. They're very eager to please.
7. Erin likes to make references to my profile, on her profile more than any SOB I know.
8. Erin likes to chop men into little pieces.
9. Erin likes to call her parents on occassion to tell them that they’d better pray they die before they grow too old to live independantly, because she is going “wail" on them in their winter years.
10. Erin likes to hang out with drag queens.

That was totally a waste of time, but it was actually pretty entertaining. Try it...I'm tagging EVERYONE!!


John DeMarco said...

I like that. That's pretty funny.

Plus, I don't have to think about what I'll blog about tomorrow. (hooray!!)

Plus, I didn't know your name was Erin. :-)

Sheila said...

See, easy entertainment, easy post. It works for so many things! (Thanks for stopping by!)

SOULMANGE: said...

yep, that was funny. i especially liked the leprachaun one (i know...i can't spell it...who can..besides you :))
anyhow... i would accept your tag...but my brain doesn't work that quickly anymore to be so amusing.
but thank you.
now i can sleep easy knowing so many of your alter egos peronality traits!

Blogarita said...

It's time like these I wish I had a "normal" name.

Anonymous said...

Very entertaining...guess I have something to post for tonight :)

ConservaChick said...

You had me laughing... I liked the leprechaun one too!
I googled my name once and it pretty much just pulled up porn sites. I never knew I had so many talents (-;, I think I'll skip this one. Fun post though!

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

I don't normally do any meme's, even though Rick Warren was wrong and it really is all about me.

I had fun with this one, and the results are posted on my site. Not as interesting as yours though.