Friday, April 06, 2007

What Goes Around, Comes Around

He absolutely scares the crap out of me on this thing!
He's already broken an elbow in a fluke swingset accident a couple of years ago.
My mom said this would happen...what goes around, comes around.
Thank God, the girls take after HH!!!


SOULMANGE: said...

EVERYTHING my daughter does scares the crap outta ME!
so far, she has taken after ME... no major injuries. if she was like her dad.. she'd be a walking SCAR just like him. ha.. a walking scar... i just came up with that... i can't wait for the opportunity to call my husband "a walking scar".
BTW... YOU have some great lookin kids!!!

SOULMANGE: said...

EE ... go check out my new post... it's just for you ! hAHA

JamalT said...

Oh my god, that song by Justin Timberlake is awesome. We were just singing it on the bus. "What Goes Around, Comes Around" by Justin Timberlake.

See ya Saturday!

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

And he's still young, yet!


SOULMANGE: said...

did you see my reply to you on the "scar" post?

well, if not, here is part of it.. a "short" list of what YOU might be seeing in your future... LORD I hope nOT!

but as for my hubby...he has a "few" more conversation peices for parties:


1- he almost cut his leg off with a power saw when he was a kid... trying to build a skateboard !

2- he cut off half of his Left..index finger working on a motorcycle ! (and he is left handed!)

3- he tried to jump over a (slow) moving car once... didn't quite make it, and has a "nice" scar on his knee area from that.

4- he had a hemangioma (?) tumor in his neck removed...
when he is thinner, it's quite a nice "indentation" scar/ at the surgery sight.

so... the hernia... i would say it ranks maybe, third on this list.

the good news... aside from the hernia... he hasn't hurt himself, since i've been around! see, i AM good for something! LOL

maybe that's why his mamma loves me so much! LOL

EE said...

jamal- I haven't really listened to JT's WGACA...but I'm going to!
Joy- Thanks for reminding me;)
Soulmange- Where do I start??? You wrote a freakin' book...I love it! I can't believe all of the injuries in your fam...thank God no one's dead;)

Gayle said...

Yikes, that's an ER visit waiting to happen! But he looks so darn happy!


Anonymous said...

i can't believe you haven't listened to JT's What goes gotta post it. It's an awesome song. Our favorite at the moment. I think he's singing about Brittany Shears. :)

SOULMANGE: said...

yep... between my sisters kids, and my hubby... they ALL are very lucky to have survived this long.
but... i am now wondering which list is longer... the injured, or the dead in my family, because both really are quite extensive. perhaps i'll do a dead vs. injured type blog post someday. but today is not the day for that type of thing. i'll wait for one of those major depressive episode days. which i hope won't be any time soon!
take er easy