Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More On The Tee...

My new t-shirt really generated some quality discussion in the comment section of my last post:0
The general consensus was that, yes, I was proudly sporting a tee that promotes...eek...casual intercourse:0

While I appreciate all of your comments, I thought I'd share a few that made me feel especially warm & fuzzy after reading them (teehee):

JamalT said...
I think it does mean "gettin' busy". Stop wearing it to middle school. They get enough of that from TV and Jr. High & High School Kids.

Thanks, Jamal, for helping to ease my guilty conscience.

Jules said...
Oh EE, time to watch something other than That's So Raven.
Not that I'm saying you should let the kids watch Laguna Beach but yes...
Get busy...gettin' it on.
We must teach you to turn such shirts inside out when mid-children's event.

The sad thing about this statement, is that I actually do watch Laguna Beach (and I can't believe that I'm admitting this here).

John DeMarco said...
Holy cow, that is too funny. I didn't think anything weird about your shirt until you mentioned what others were saying. Just the fact that it was being interpreted to mean something else is hilarious. I guess it falls in line with the popular "just do it" slogan. Everyone's cool with that right?

OMG...didn't even think of that one. Am I going to have to get rid of that shirt, too??

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...
Some people just find what they are already looking for.
I'm with you. I associated it with what I tell the kids.
"Stop talkin' and start doin'!"
"Gitcher butt off the couch!"
Maybe I'll just tell them to "Get Busy".

I'd advise against that, Alpha Dude, child services might have to get involved:0

JR's Thumbprints said...
Perhaps someone needs to contact Old Navy for an official interpretation.

I think I'm going to send them the link to The Urban Dictionary and demand a refund!

Gayle said...
First I have to say that I like your "gutter" tee and your picture is gorgeous!!
Second, I have to constantly drag my mind out of the gutter and even I approached this as a Mom, thinking, "How cute! Yeah, everyone GET BUSY!"
But now that you mention it....I'm thinkin' it's probably naughty!
Did you notice any whispers while you were sitting in the soccer stands? :)

Yeah, Gayle, but I thought they were whispering to each other about how cute my little tee was, not about the content of the tee!

Jules said...
I found the perfect place for you to shop next
Probably safer than Old Navy

Definitely not safer than Old Navy! Check this one out:

In case you can't read it, it says: (Insert Husband's Name Here) is on my "To Do" List.

Anonymous said...
We wore "thongs" on our feet as kids growing up in the 80's but how many times have i said, "go put on some 'thongs'" to my kids and they tell me....."EWWWWW GROSS! I don't wear thongs!" meaning UW! Thongs are those things you see when a girl bends down and her jeans are so low you see her "thong" hanging out!~
GO TO WWW.URBANDICTIONARY.COM and see the definition of Get Busy.......! ee- you may want to save this to your favorites if you are ever in doubt!
-sis m

My sis wrote this one.
I have been guilty of the "thong" mistake, too. My kids have warned me on numerous occassions not to say "thongs", but "flip-flops" in front of their friends.
I am definitely going to consult the Urban Dictionary before making any clothing purchases with slogans printed on them, from here on out.

Ken said...
Does your sister think "Gettin Busy" is like "getting it on?"
I like your shirt and think it should be an inspiration to others. Maybe a Getting Busy club that meets on Saturday afternoons. Your sister can start the JC chapter.

Eeewww...Gross...I just got a visual, and it wasn't pretty!

CrazyDeb said...
Let's see - this is the woman who decided the new "sculpture" or whatever it was in the new Kidcrest area looked inappropriate and they took it down. You think "Get Busy" is innocent. Honestly E! Yes honestly, I didn't think it was bad until I read what your sister said and then it hit me. You are one extremely busy lady! No wonder you didn't connect with what it might mean to others.

Ok, Deb..."It" was part of a water feature in the new children's area at church. "It" was pointed out to me by a certain children's staff member (in a fit of laughter). I was just the one to tell the artists what everyone else was thinking. And you know me, I was adult about it..."OMG, that thing looks like a giant p....!"

Anyway, I haven't decided what I'm going to do with the t-shirt...I just know that I won't be wearing it to anymore kids/sporting/church events!!


BOSSY said...

Bossy is plenty concerned that she didn't get the sexual innuendo part at all. Bossy is plenty concerned that she looked at that 'Get Busy' t-shirt and thought it meant, "Clean the grime off the stove hood!"

Perhaps married, over-domesticated Bossy needs a boyfriend.

CrazyDeb said...

You don't know what to do with it? How about wearing it at home when you're doing things like, cleaning out the garage with HH? Or hanging out watching a movie with HH? Or writing your blog while HH is around? Do you get the picture? Wear it when HH can "get the picture" if it means what everyone else thinks it means. :o)
Oh, and the thong thing? DANG! No wonder my niece looked at me funny when I said something about her thongs! I was talking about her flip flops!!!

Jules said...

Here's what ya do...

You get some of that printer iron on transfer paper and then you make "..." put those after the Get Busy and then on the back put something like "Prayin'" or something equally innocent...that way people feel like the pervs themselves when they read it and think oooh nookie and realize after seeing the back you're actually promoting something religous.

JamalT said...

I was only kidding!!!!!!!!

CrazyDeb said...

Jules - great idea!

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

I still think it's a cool shirt.

Jen said...

All I know for sure (naughty shirt or no) is that you've got three kids and you look insanly cute in that shirt. For that I have to hate you.

Seriously though? It's a cute shirt. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Oh, The Joys said...

Well, "Bow Chicka Bow Wow" I always say!