Sunday, April 22, 2007

I Got Busy This Weekend!

Ok, I really am a dork!
Last week, I saw a shirt at Old Navy that I just had to have.
It's slogan was a slogan that I use often..."Get busy".
At home, if the kids are watching tv or on the computer, they are sure to hear, "You need to stop what you're doing and get busy."
At school when I'm substituting, I tend to be a broken with the kids..."Please stop talking, and get busy."
When I'm taking the dogs out I say, "Come on boys, you need to get busy and go poo-poo."
So, when I was out shopping and saw this shirt, I just knew that I had to have it.

Yesterday, after the funeral, I threw on the shirt with a pair of jeans and headed to the soccer fields. My nephew happened to be playing in this tournament, so I stopped by his game first.
My sister took one look at me and said, "Oh my gosh, EE, what are you wearing?
I was pretty proud of myself for selecting this hip little number, and replied, "What's wrong with what I'm wearing?"
Sis: It says, Get Busy.
Me: I know, what's wrong with that?
Sis: EE, when you get busy, you are...
Me (finally figuring out what she's insinuating): NO WAY!

I am always the first one to turn the innocent into something sexy, and I did not think that!
The shirt did not say Gettin' said Get Busy.
After discussion with a few other parents that were sitting around, I convinced myself that the shirt simply meant what it said.
Fastforward through three more soccer games and two baseball practices, to the 80's roller skating party for our middle schoolers from church. Too tired to change out of my attire, but still wanting to get into the spirit of the party, I teased my bangs, threw the rest of my hair up in the side pony tail, donned great big dangly earrings, loaded up on the blue eyeshadow, and headed to the roller rink with the kids at 9:30pm.
It hit me in the car...OMG, I am going to a pre-teen church event, and I may be wearing a shirt with a suggestive expression printed for all to see.
It was too late to turn around and go change, AND, I'd already exposed my t-shirt to probably a couple hundred kids during the day, so I continued on...
At the party, I asked Lynne, one of the 23 year old youth leaders, what she thought my shirt meant. She went on to confirm it with a few others, that, yes,get busy probably meant what I had always thought gettin' busy implied.
Anyway, they were very cool, and gave me a hard time about it all night. I may never live this little episode down!!!

What do you all think?? Does get busy equal gettin' busy, or does everyone else just have their heads in the gutter (teehee)?


CrazyDeb said...

Let's see - this is the woman who decided the new "sculpture" or whatever it was in the new Kidcrest area looked inappropriate and they took it down. You think "Get Busy" is innocent. Honestly E! Yes honestly, I didn't think it was bad until I read what your sister said and then it hit me. You are one extremely busy lady! No wonder you didn't connect with what it might mean to others.

Household Executive said...

I am thinking it means Gettin Busy but to each their own. I love that you wore it to the soccer field! Hilarious!

theotherbear said...

Too funny.
I think it sure does mean what you thing 'gettin busy' means.

Annie said...

Lol! I didn't think anything untoward of it - but then I am always slow when it comes to this sort of thing lol!

Thanks for visiting my blog today :)

JamalT said...

I think it does mean "gettin' busy". Stop wearing it to middle school. They get enough of that from TV and Jr. High & High School Kids.

Jennifer said...

Hmmm. I don't know, if other people thought it, then maybe get busy = gettin' busy!

I'd still wear it, but I'm ornery like that!

mist1 said...

You can't wear a tee shirt that says Get Busy unless you are entirely adorable. Luckily, you are entirely adorable.

What shoes did you wear with that shirt?

Jules said...

Oh Erin, time to watch something other than That's So Raven.

Not thing I'm saying you should let the kids watch Laguna Beach but yes...

Get busy...gettin' it on.

We must teach you to turn such shirts inside out when mid-children's event.

CrazyDeb said...

AND I meant to say, you look adorable in the picture! As usual!

Blogarita said...

I guess I'm a little slow on the uptake...I would never have thought it meant anything unseemly, either. LOL!

DSB said...

Well, MY head wasn't in the gutter....but what do I know?

Roller skating.....I went tonight! Had loads of fun, I just really need to get used to my new skates.

John DeMarco said...

Holy cow, that is too funny. I didn't think anything weird about your shirt until you mentioned what others were saying. Just the fact that it was being interpreted to mean something else is hilarious. I guess it falls in line with the popular "just do it" slogan. Everyone's cool with that right?

Anonymous said...

thank you to all who agree that the shirt was dirty! ;) and, ee, thanks for the laugh at the game! only YOU could get away with wearing that!

SOULMANGE: said...

hiya E..
don't feel bad.. I also am waaay behind on the new slogans, terminology etc. i would have..well actually, i did, think the same as you...until i saw what others said.."thanks sis"..right?
"GET UP" is what it made me think of..that's one of my terms. just GET UP.
anyhow... i'd still wear it. if someone else wants their head in the gutter let them... either way, whoever it is will take the message, as they interperate it, and run with it!
soooooo.... ummmm. church events? perhaps not.
wear it with pride! :))
take care

cyberman said...

Nice Blog. I'm afraid to agree with most others here but yes... your shirt probably does come off as gettin' busy. On the bright side, you definately looked hip!

Anonymous said...

If get busy too many times, yer gonna have anudder kidlet. Maybe anudder kidlet is what you need to keep your mind away from trashy thoughts like... "george bush is cute."


Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Some people just find what they are already looking for.

I'm with you. I associated it with what I tell the kids.
"Stop talkin' and start doin'!"
"Gitcher butt off the couch!"

Maybe I'll just tell them to "Get Busy".

You Rock!

That Chick Over There said...

I'm not up on the hip teenage lingo. I just thought it meant get up and do your chores.

I'm awesome.

Amy P said...

See...I like you for taking something on the fringe and not being afraid to use it as intended. Reclaim the goodness of launguage. You go girl.

Jules said...

I found the perfect place for you to shop next

Probably safer than Old Navy

JR's Thumbprints said...

Perhaps someone needs to contact Old Navy for an official interpretation.

Gayle said...

First I have to say that I like your "gutter" tee and your picture is gorgeous!!

Second, I have to constantly drag my mind out of the gutter and even I approached this as a Mom, thinking, "How cute! Yeah, everyone GET BUSY!"

But now that you mention it....I'm thinkin' it's probably naughty!

Did you notice any whispers while you were sitting in the soccer stands? :)


STAK said...

i believe it has to be captalized to mean "doing it".........

Lisa said...

That's so funny! Sounds like something that would happen to me. My kids are always telling me that something I think is an innocent word now means something terrible. ;)

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Too funny! Sorry, but I think you are going to be talked about! LOL

Anonymous said...

for example, we wore "thongs" on our feet as kids growing up in the 80's but how many times have i said, "go put on some 'thongs'" to my kids and they tell me....."EWWWWW GROSS! I don't wear thongs!" meaning UW! Thongs are those things you see when a girl bends down and her jeans are so low you see her "thong" hanging out!~
GO TO WWW.URBANDICTIONARY.COM and see the definition of Get Busy.......! ee- you may want to save this to your favorites if you are ever in doubt!
-sis m

Ken said...

Does your sister think "Gettin Busy" is like "getting it on?"
I like your shirt and think it should be an inspiration to others. Maybe a Getting Busy club that meets on Saturday afternoon. Your sister can start the JC chapter.

Flawed & Disorderly said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaa ha! I have to admit I giggled at the message on the shirt before I even read the post. But my mind stays in the gutter thanks to Ironman's influence. I personally love it and love your innocence in buying and wearing it! Too cute!

As a semi-retired teacher, I'm now realizing how often I used the phrase and thought nothing of it. I can't believe none of my middle school kids said something about it. I sure couldn't say "balls" without an eruption of giggles.