Friday, April 06, 2007

He Likes The Accessories

HH picked up the equipment a couple of days ago for the Little League team he will be coaching. Griffin was so excited when he saw the catcher's gear. He decided right then and there, that that was the position that he wanted to play. He drug his dad outside to start practicing cute!
One of these days, he might just be able to catch that ball...with his eyes open!


ivan said...

Cute mother. Cute son.


Eve said...

I love, love, love the last pic!!!

VERY cool. A black and white that baby, blow it up, and frame it!! Love it!

EE said...

Ivan- Thanks!!!! You made my day!!!
Eve- I'm gonna do it...thanks for the idea!!

Anonymous said...

I hope he understands how hot being a catcher can get in the dead of summer! i always feel so sorry for those kids out there! :)