Monday, April 16, 2007


My dad turned 59 day!
In between soccer games, the fam got together for lunch at Flat Branch to celebrate.
I love my dad, but he cannot hear a darn thing...neither can his parents. Whenever the family gathers, everyone has to practically scream to be heard.

Speaking of screaming to be heard...
After lunch, HH took the girls to their 2nd game and Griffin and I met the rest of the family at Aunt Debbie's house. HH had my cell phone, and I wanted to get an update on the game, so I called him. He didn't answer and my voicemail picked up. My message was so loud that I had to hold the phone away from my ear.
I casually asked those sitting around me, "Is it just me, or is my voicemail a little bit loud?"
Everyone (who could hear) looks around at each other and starts cracking up. A little too quickly, I hear a chorus of " uh, YES"!!!
Then, everyone (who could hear) procedes to share their favorite "EE is a bigmouth on the phone" story. They talk about trying to call me, getting my voicemail, and people around them making comments like, "WHAT in the heck is THAT?" and "Could she be any louder?"

What I want to know is...Why didn't anyone tell me????
How many people that I don't know very well, have called and have been bombarded with (shouting) THIS IS EE, I'M NOT ABLE TO COME TO THE PHONE RIGHT NOW, BUT IF YOU LEAVE YOUR NAME AND NUMBER, I'LL GET BACK TO YOU AS SOON AS I CAN. I've probably scared a few people out there:0

To those of you out there who call yourself a friend, for future reference...If I have a booger hanging out of my nose, I want to know. If my fly is open, I want to know. And, if I am doing or saying something embarrassing or in an obnoxious fashion, I want to know. Got it????


SOULMANGE: said...

that'sa riot ! just wish i could be there the first time some one says... hey.. your flie's open, AND there's a giant boogar hangin out of your nose !! you would be mortified sorry to say... not grateful. :))
have a good one.

Alpha Dude 1.5 said... that you mention it....there's me, but you a have on your shirt.

Don't worry, it should just flake off after it dries.

CrazyDeb said...

Will it work if I just say, "Erin, would you like a kleenex?" You cannot blame me for not telling you about the voice mail thing - I don't have your number and have never called you. Trust me, I would have said something! :o) Wish I'd seen your dad was having a birthday! I'll send him a belated card tomorrow - he won't have to try to hear that. :o) Oh, and thanks for your comments on my blogs.

Gayle said...

Mwaahaahaa! (wringing my hands with evilness and twisting my handlebar mustache) But it's so much more fun NOT to tell you.


If I ever really do get a mustache, I bet no one will tell me about either!

Amy P said...

Off the subject, but you want to run the 5K at Woocrest?

EE said...

LOL...TRUE friends help each other out with these things. I tell my 'friends' that all the time!!!
I would definitely be grateful!!!
You're devious, gayle;)
Love your blog, Deb!

EE said...

Alpha dude- It was probably that boog that fell out of my nose. Don't's all good:)

EE said...

Amy- I would love to, but I will be on my way to Key Biscayne! I've been running...ok, I could probably do it!!

Jennifer said...

Ha!! I went to a playdate with my fly down. The other moms told me after they'd taken a few pictures for blackmail purposes. Nice.

CrazyDeb said...

I pulled this up again to read the comments and for the first time noticed G's "handiwork" towards his cousin in the photo. What a kid! Just gotta love his sense of humor. Wonder where he gets it.
Have I told you that your blog is the first place I go when I get home from work? LOVE IT!!!

Eve said...

Ohhhh, Flatbranch. Wow, haven't thought of that place in YEARS!

I haven't been there, geez, since my graduation time in errr, 1996. ~gasp~

Something about amazing spinach dip, but thanks to the blonde ale... I don't really remember?! ;-)

theotherbear said...

Too funny!

SpeakEasy said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

I could not agree with you more which is why when, for example, I hear someones voicemail that is really loud, my first part of my message say, "WOW, that is REALLY Loud. Please fix it..."

I'm the same way with the booger, fly, dirt, anything like that. Don't make me have to find it myself, like 5 hours later and wonder if it was like that all day.

BlogWhore said...


on booger patrol.

Anonymous said...