Sunday, April 08, 2007

EAS-TAH Update

I have never felt more relaxed and rejuvenated after Easter, than I'm feeling right now! It's been a wonderful, low-key weekend!
Luckily, 2 out of the 3 scheduled baseball practices were cancelled due to the cold, so we didn't have to spend our entire Saturday at the ball fields.
We met for lunch with my family at Aunt Debbie's. She and my mom had provided candy & money-filled plastic eggs for the annual hunt. Mom made this fantastic ham...I don't even like ham very much, but this one was very yummy! I cooked (ok, I BOUGHT) fried chicken. When my dad heard I was bringing the chicken, he was worried that I was going to get KFC. What's wrong with KFC???? Anyway, I got it from Gerbes...Dad was appeased.
We were short on Easter baskets for the big hunt. We had a very pink Victoria Secret bag that we suggested someone use. We heard a chorus of "EWWWWs" and "Gross"...nobody wanted to carry a bag, no matter how festive it looked, that once held mamma's undies:0 S1, finally stepped up to the plate, and used the bag.
The finale of the hunt, was the search for the Golden Egg (or, what we referred to as the "moneyed" egg), worth 10 smackaroos. This was held in the house, and the kids tore through Aunt Debbie's drawers, cabinets, closets, etc. trying to locate the moolah. The adults were even trying to get in on the action, but to no 9-year-old nephew found the coveted egg!
When Reilly went to ball practice, my dad and I took the remaining kids to Easter Eggstravaganza at the church. It felt pretty weird to actually be going to participate in the event, instead of working it...this event has been my baby in the past. The kids played games and made crafts, and we left after about an hour. By then, it was getting out-of-control busy. In the past, we've gotten around a thousand kids, but I'm willing to bet that they saw 1,500 kids that afternoon...not bad for my little ole town!
At 4:30, the fam gathered again, and we went to church together. I LOVE that we have Saturday evening services!!! As always, the Easter service did not dissapoint. As our pastor said, "On normal weekends, we do church loud. On Easter, we turn it up a notch!" I love feels like a rock concert when the band gets going!!
There was no motorcycle roaring down the aisle, nor a marching band as in years past, but there was great music and great use of the arts to support the great message. I love my church!!!
After the 4:30 service, the girls and I went down to the Underground for the Middle School service at 6:30. Reilly and I worked the snack bar and Sydney pretended like she didn't know us. There was no bar dancing for me on this night...teehee!
Well, better get in the shower...lots of laundry to do today! Have a good one!


Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Okay, so....after reading this and the one about the bar dancing ....all I can say is that .... uh......

You all are my kind of people!
Having fun in Jesus' name! Whoo Hoo!

I do that kind of whacky stuff every Monday night for the Alpha Sprouts.

One time I got to speak in front of over 200 Alpha Course attendees at the end of the course banquet, to give a testimony about what the Alpha Course means to me and why I the Alpha Dude thing. My talk involved a whoopie cushion.

They may never let me do that again.

Anonymous said...

Aunt D is going to kick your keister when she sees that picture!

EE said...

Alpha Dude- Love that you make church fun, too...that's how it should be!!!
I totally love the idea of Alph Dude and Alpha Sprouts!
When I was on staff, I was always pushing the the fact that they let me...then reeled me in with lots of grace!
Anon- Don't tell her;)

Amy P said...

I had so much to catch up on. Has it been that long since I last checked in? You've been so busy (as usual).

SOULMANGE: said...

sounds like great fun...busy, but fun. great pictures too. i wish we had a church as up beat as yours sounds. i don't know why i have such a problem entering a church. i've tried; as a child and an adult. has nothing at all to do about God or anything like that. I am saved, baptized, christian, i pray, all that... just can't find a comfortable church. weird eh? my daughter likes her church though...and i guess that is what's important.
anyhow...blab blab blab. i'll shut up now.
take it easy

Oh, The Joys said...

Here's to relaxation! I need some of what you've got!

CrazyDeb said...

You looked wonderful this weekend! You stuck out Eggggssss a lot longer than I did!

You have such a great family! They have fun, love each other, laugh a lot. Bob and I need to have a talk - there's nuttin' wrong with KFC! (but I do like Gerbes chicken better) :o)

Sydney deserved the golden egg for biting the dust and taking the Victoria Secret bag! Sometimes being the oldest bites!

I love our church too!! Cannot imagine life without it and the people who make it what it is - YOU for instance!!!

Love you!