Friday, April 13, 2007

Babysitting & An Overhaul

Yesterday, I got a call from Reilly's teacher at about 6:30am. Her 2 year old daughter was sick, and she wanted to know if I would mind babysitting for a few hours so that she could go administer the MAPP test at school.
I had so much fun! I had forgotten how cute that age is...luckily, I didn't get to experience any tantrums.
Anyway, to thank me, she sent me this gorgeous arrangement!

I totally was not expecting anything, as she has my child everyday for 7 hours, but it really was a nice gesture! It makes me smile everytime I look at it!

An Overhaul
I'm going to pick on Griffin again...he's such an easy target, and he provides such interesting (at least to me) blogging material.
When something interesting happens with the girls, they've learned to immediately say, "Don't put this on your blog." Like I would...:0 Griffin doesn't know any better yet, so I'm going to milk it while I can!
Anyway, two days ago I finally got tired of seeing his room like this:

I can only close his door and ignore for so long, before I have to get in there to do a complete overhaul. Wednesday was my breaking point.
Griffin stayed with me during this cleansing process (teehee), telling me what I could and could not throw away. We sorted through absolutely everything...clothes, shoes, toys, video games, colletions. We handled every item, and dusted every surface.
While cleaning made a huge difference, it also made apparent the fact that his room desperately needs to be painted.
I kept telling him, "Once you start sleeping in your room by yourself, we can paint and get a new bedspread (his last one was trashed after a disgusting canine incident)...decorate like we did S1's room." We've already moved furniture around (i.e. moved the bed away from the window) and have tried to bribe him with the Wii or the new Xbox. The kid just does not want to sleep alone. I just hope that he gets over this before he goes to college! Oh, heck, he's NEVER going to sleep alone, is he?????
Anyway, here is the final product:

Much better, don't you think?? I give it 24 hours before it returns to it's original state. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted!!!!

Since reading over this post, I've been thinking/dreaming about the decorating that could ensue, if only Griffin could make it 30 days (30 short days) of sleeping in his own his own bed...alone.
He could retreat to this:

or this:

or even this:

Oh, who am I kidding??? The only thing that could possibly appeal to this kid at this point in his life, is this:



Alpha Dude 1.5 said...


You are one totally cool mom!

Could you come and teach our 18 year old daughter how to clean a room like that?
She came downstairs the other day and proudly exclaimed "I cleaned my room!"

Well, you could see some of the carpet, and as long as you didn't ask about that huge lump under the comforter on her bed, and don't EVEN think about opening the closet door, then yeah, I guess you could call it "cleaned".

Lord help us.

Blogarita said...

His room looks great!

And those bedroom options? Awesome!

John DeMarco said...

Shoot, I want to retreat to a bedroom like the first picture makeover option. That would be cool.

moodswingingmommy said...

His room looks great! Seriously, could you swing by our place?

I'd love option 1 for myself, btw.

SOULMANGE: said...

okkaaayyy... now you have me on a true mission. i have been holding myself back for literally weeks. the passed several days however...i think have been the main cause of my frequent migraines.... due to the hell that is my childs' bedroom. and bathroom. aaanndd tv room. OMG. thanks a lot for dragging this out of my subconcious, and into my weekend! :))
have a good one!
and great job on the it trashed yet?

Amy P said...

Your an honest Mom with honest dreams. PBTeen is a dream and I'm envious of the Mom who's 7 year old who
1. cares to have an awsome room (mom's version of awsome)
2. will keep it picked up

Lisa said...

You've given me an idea. I've got two messy teenagers still living at home. ;)

DSB said...

Those are such pretty flowers! And I love the ideas you have for Griffin's nice and 'big-boy'! I especially love the bunk bed with wheels on the bottom bunk.

Anonymous said...

love the camo room! that rocks! you have to know G to really appreciate that he would probably go for the starwars stuff over the bed "pits". i would love MY room to look like that !!!

CrazyDeb said...

I'm with the others - come to my house and clean and organize it then give me the first bedroom! My mission tomorrow is to clean house and you have inspired me to really get on it. I mean, really, with all the snow we're going to get might as well stay in and clean!

Lisa said...

LOL! I love the pictures of the overhaul bedrooms! Wouldn't mind the one with the plastma for myself :)

Thanks for your lovely comment at my blog!

theotherbear said...

Isn't it nice to get flowers. Hardly any nicer surprise you can get, I think.

Also, I love the first room option and as many of the others said, would be more than happy to have my room done up like that! And either of the next two would be just fine for my spare room! So, when can I expect you?