Friday, March 16, 2007

The World Is My Toilet


Manic Mom said...

CLassic!! Thanks for the laugh. Make sure this pic is in his wedding video someday!

Thanks for asking about my book. There's a short blurb on my website if you wanna know more of what it's

Take care!

theotherbear said...

I'm so jealous of boys. I wish I could do that. It's so much messier for girls. Although I did read on some very odd website about a technique for women. It involved 2 fingers placed just so. I didn't try it.

EE said...

Bear...I'll try it, if you try it first!
Manic Mom: He was ticked when I took the picture and made me promise to delete it. He should be over it by the wedding...don't you think?
Now, I've gotta go check out your book.

CrazyDeb said...

I'm thinking you might have a collection of these for the wedding - isn't there one from out at Sis M's place? When I see you remind me to tell you about what we saw in Amsterdam. G would love it. :o)


EE said...

Debbie: Oh, yeah...he's peeing on the fire...I forgot about that!!!!
Can't wait to hear about Amsterdam!!

Anonymous said...

where is that b/c it looks like our house.
can't wait to hear about amsterdam either; and, if you have ever been to smells like the world's toilet. drunk old men peeing on the streets of paris...where is the strangest place you had to take a pee?

JamalT said...

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? Why would you take a picture of that boy peeing? I won't be suprised if one day he breaks that camera b/c he has no privacy with it.

EE said...

anon (is that you meg?): Griff is outside at the Soccer Barn.
Weirdest place that I've peed...had to be in the Tahoe on the way back from Disney World. Remember that traffic jam? It was like 7 below...ugh!!!