Monday, March 05, 2007

The Sunshine Family

This weekend, my friend, Karen, said my fam reminded her of The Sunshine Family dolls. Should I be flattered, or offended????????

Speaking of dolls, you've gotta check out my friend, Amy's, Feb. 8th, 2007 post "Some Things Never Change."
You may not be able to truly appreciate this post, unless you are from Columbia. I've decided that I'm probably "Nifong/Rockbridge Barbie" (if she was 20 lbs. heavier, with a dirty vehicle, and a couple of zits).
Which Regional Barbie are you?????


That Chick Over There said...

Hilarious! I saw a similar Barbie version for my local area and I laughed and laughed.

Big Mama said...

The Sunshine Family, does that bring back the 70's or what?

theotherbear said...

The sunshine family? Umm... do you have plastic headbands on at all times? If not, be flattered! If so, try your hair with them off.

EE said...

Oh, we prefer the plastic 80s!!! I wouldn't be caught dead in that dress, though!

Manic Mom said...

OMG! I loved the Sunshine Family dolls! My nephew looks EXACTLY like the baby.

In fact, I STILL have the baby! My mom found my old Barbies and the baby was in there so now it's in Diva's room somewhere(Hopefully she didn't drown him in a toilet full of poop, which seems to be her form of entertainment these days!)