Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Squish Face & Soccer Stuff

When I was in college, I had a crush on this guy. My friends were constantly asking me what I saw in him...they thought he challenged in the looks department. They called him "Squish Face"...said that his face looked like a barbie's face that had been squished together between two fingers.
He really did have a good personality, though...I think.
Anyway, not sure what made me think about that just now...

Tonight, I was getting ready for Mom's Soccer. I was looking for one of my socks that I had set down somewhere. I asked Griffin if he had seen it. He said, "Mom, I'm going to tell you what you always tell me...I'm sorry, but it's not my responsibility."
How rude is that????

I absolutely love playing soccer, as you know. I've finally settled down in the goal, and have played really well (for me) these past few months.
Tonight, however, I pretty much sucked! Goals were being scored on me right and left.
I blamed it on my new socks...they were distracting (LOL). I've decided that I'm done with the socks, even though they are pretty cool (see photo).
Luckily, my teammates were on a roll. They tied it up with just a few minutes to spare.
Final Score...8-8!
We got the ultimate compliment last week from the refs...We are no longer considered novice. Woo-hoo!!!!

Have a good one! TTFN


John DeMarco said...

MOM'S SOCCER? I've never heard of that. You go girl.

mist1 said...

I had a friend crash with me for a few days. She wore purple tie died socks. It was very distracting. We still talk about those socks.

CrazyDeb said...

Well, at least G's been listening to you and remembering what you say! It hurts to have your words thrown back in your face doesn't it. :o)

You and your kids sure do bring a lot of laughter into my life! Thank you!!!!


Steven Novak said...

Tie dyed socks...

I'd say awesome, or cool, but...well...I mean...come on. ;)


Anonymous said...

G rocks!!!! and, by the way, that guy in college was RUDE to you! He did not have a good personality! ;)

queenbusick said...

hey..I wanna play! How do you get on a team?? I haven't played since 2nd grade..but I can't be that far behind!

EE said...

Thanks, John!!
Mist1: You, too, can own the tie died socks...I provided the link!
Crazy Deb: Yeah...hate that:)
I love talking to you....Even if it only seems to be in the blog these days.
Steve: Yeah, Yeah...not so cool. I'm 36...what do you expect???
Anon: Yeah, that squishface was pretty rude!
Tina: Tuesday nights at the MAC...You should definitely come try it out! 7:30 this Tuesday. Be there, or be square!