Sunday, March 25, 2007

Snakes Alive!

My friend, Janet, sent me this picture of her daughter with the following note: Thank Goodness S. was around to get this thing out of our basement! I wasn't touching it and neither was T-bone!!
She named him Squiggly. We made her release it into the woods later because she was going to freak out if we killed it.

I feel like S. and I are kindred spirits (LOL). I share her love of snakes...ok, I don't LOVE them, but I much prefer them to spiders. Her photo brought back a fond memory I have of this reptile...



CrazyDeb said...

Only one thing to say - YUCK!! Or maybe YIKES!! I HATE snakes! However, if I ever see one I know what to do. Call you to come over or call Janet and Matt and ask them to bring Sophie over.


Soulmange said...

makes me think of an old song
"i don't like spiders and snakes" (dot dot dot)
i actually don't like either! but the song was cool...and the pics are pretty cool too !

JamalT said...

i really hate snakes. They are disgusting and I am afraid to be near them because I think they may kill me.

p.s. you shouldn't be up that late.

theotherbear said...


I HAVE held a big python. I did it to confront my fears. I think I almost had a heart attack doing it. But I did it nonetheless.