Saturday, March 24, 2007

Put Me In, Coach

It was 75 degrees and partly sunny today. We headed out to the ball field, so that HH could work with the kids before actual practices start (only 2 weeks away).
HH is coaching Griffin's team this year. We like to joke that they couldn't find a coach, so they called everyone on the list (we're always at the end) before getting HH to agree to the job.
He's already run into problems with scheduling practices. The only time slots left for the fields are on Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays. HH wants to take a Saturday slot, but has a family on the team the practices the Sabbath on Saturdays. I told HH that he can do what he wants, but he needs to schedule the practices when it's convenient for HIM, since HE is the (sucker) one who agreed to this job. Am I wrong???
Anyway, we had a ball at the field. They let me (chase) field the balls, and even try my hand at pitching. Griffin can't catch or hit well, yet, but that boy can throw! He lost interest after about 30 minutes, and spent the next hour in the comfort of the air conditioned vehicle. He was banished after complaining about the heat.
The girls were troopers, as always. They're so serious when it comes to sports. They don't always appreciate my attempts at humor on the field, if you can imagine that...teehee.
Here are my favorite picts. from the day...enjoy!

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Household Executive said...

Great pictures! It was a beautiful day!