Saturday, March 31, 2007

I'm Not Even PMSing!

Warning: Tear-jerker ahead...

Thanks Eve!
Meet The Robinsons- Small Wonders

As I was watching this video for about the 5th time, feeling very sentimental and nostalgic, my kids came charging into the room, trying to talk excitedly over each other.
Griffin: Sydney stuck the dog's poop, right at the top of my face!
Reilly: No, she didn't get it close to his face at all.
Sydney: It's not my fault; he was being so snotty!
Evidently, the puppy pooped on the floor in the basement. Griffin was yelling, "he pooped, he pooped, Cody pooped! (to the girls) Now, you've gotta pick it up."
So, Sydney, fed up because Griffin never makes any attempt at cleaning up Cody's little "presents", got a wad of toilet paper, picked up the poop, and held it out close to Griffin's face as she passed him on the way to the bathroom.

Sigh...they ruined my moment!
(Mom, I thought about posting a reeanctment photo of the poop incident, but didn't want to have to take it down, again...LOL
Tried to link to that previous post, but was unsuccessful. If you'd like to be privy to this joke, check out my poop post on February 22.)


mist1 said...

Apparently, I have a teeny, tiny heart. Not even a single tear.

What movie is that from? I like animated movies. I'm immature, okay?

ablondeblogger said...

I can't load You Tube videos because I'm on dial up. It would take all day. Totally sucks!

But your kids crack me up! Sounds like something mine would do.

EE said...

Mist1...LOL, I'm off my anti-depressant...that could be the reason that I'm so emotional.
Blonde...The video is from Meet the Robinsons. I haven't seen it, but my kids have! Glad you stopped by.

SOULMANGE: said...

first of all... just why, did you go off your meds missy? you know that's not good for you. (just some friendly advice)
anyhow... ya... i like this song too. no tears. too many meds i think. it's a rare occasion for me to actually cry... i cry on the inside... i sorta laugh on the inside too. but... going off my meds changes all of that... and i become a true mental cracker.
anyhow. i reckon i'm a true mental cracker regardless! but oh well.

oh, and by the way...that song...waiting for the world to change... good LORD , i feel like a true "TARD" (as per my child) at the moment. i have liked that song since i first heard it when it first came out...but i just this moment listening to it this time... realized what it was "about". ugh.
just have someone slap me around a little, i'll come around eventually. :)

GIRL... please get rid of this word verification thing... i cannot SEE LOL. it's making me do it again...AGAIN. i'm blind! LOL

EE said...

Soulmange- I've been on anti-depressants for anxiety since my son was born 7 years ago. For the past year, I haven't been able to hardly get out of bed.
It's been a pretty good month...only a few instances of anxiety, which pass quickly. And, I've been up and doing things again...exercising, cleaning, socializing, etc. on a regular basis.
I'm not opposed to going back on if needed, but am going to try it for a while's been pretty nice "feeling" things again...I've gotten pretty numb to everything.
I just looked up the lyrics to the song...I love the song, but didn't realize what he was talking bad!
I'll go in and try to get rid of the verification:) Have a great day!!!

SOULMANGE: said...

hey again... well, i'm glad you are feeling better. and.. just plain feeling. i hope it lasts for you. anti-depressants do have their upside... like for instance preventing suicide in some people.. eh hem... but the downside i sometimes wonder about. but for me... i've done my exprimenting, too many times and i'm no good at it.
just take care.. and get some sleep!
ps... THANKS for taking that word thing off of here. i thought i was gonna go blind for sure!