Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fun Game For the Car

The kids introduced this game to me last week. We've had a blast playing, and it has certainly made monotonous car rides more enjoyable!
A typical yellow car = 100pts.

A yellow Hummer = 1,000 pts.

A yellow Limo = 5,000 pts.

The first one to 10,000pts. wins.
We teamed up to play on our St. Louis trip. Of course, nobody wanted to partner with me...I tend to cheat:0
HH spotted a Hummer dealership, and immediately earned 5,000pts. for his team.
There were numerous arguments over vehicles that fell into that "iffy" category...Is it yellow, or is it orange?
All-in-all, a very fun way to pass the time...way less embarrassing to the fam than my usual "car dancing" routines!


CrazyDeb said...

When my nephew was little he was in the car with Mom and Dad and he and Mom were playing, "I think I see..." Philip said, "I think I see a deer" and Mom questioned him as to where. He said, "der's some woods over der and I bet der's a deer in der someplace!" Man I love that kid (who is now 25, about to be married, and will probably serve again in Iraq!).


queenbusick said...

We've been playing this since the Hollrah's taught us..small favorite find to date - was a yellow helicopter flying over us on I-70! I WON!!!!

really I'm not competitive......