Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bargain Basement Prices

I love a deal! I don't find good ones very often, so I'm absolutely ecstatic when I do! I have to go out and tell everyone I know. Sometimes, I've even been known to brag about my deals to complete strangers.
Anyway, I was out shopping with my friends Janet and Julie a couple of weeks ago. We went into Shoe Carnival and I found these puppies for Syd...

The pink and brown shoes are Rocket Dogs (originally $49)...I got them for $18. The Sketcher boots (originally $69)...I practically stole them for $8. Can you believe it????
Now, I probably wouldn't have gotten such a good deal on these purchases, but the store clerk totally had the "hots" for Janet. He kept repeating her name over the loud speaker, and even got her to try on a pair of really trashy red high-heeled boots:0
Sometimes it really pays to have hot friends!!!!!!


Manic Mom said...

Cute shoes! I usually just troll Payless or Target but have to remember Shoe Carnival for the kids and me! I am not a shoe whore, so it's all about the deal for me!

Thanks for stopping by Manic's. You and your blog are cute!

Kellie said...

Kickin' deal on the shoes!! Who cares if the deal was because of the hot friend!! Deals on shoes at ANY time with ANY one with you is wonderful!!

imaeskimo said...

Fabulous finds! I bought myself a bonus pair...yesterday! Love it!