Monday, February 12, 2007

What Mom Does All Day/ What Dad Does All Day

Ok, I know I'm not the best mom, but I do more than Reilly gives me credit for... don't I?????????
(This book was written at the beginning of her second grade year)

My mom goes to church. Last weekend there was a sheep set. It had a sheep with an Elvis costume on. And a soccer sheep. There's even one with a football costume on. Those are my favorites. There's two more. One is with a purple suit on.

The last one is with jewels in her hair and belt.

She talks on the phone a lot, too. She talks to her friends and to her mom and dad. Also to my dad. She does a lot of things during the day.

OK, she was a little preoccupied with the sheep set...LOL! She wrote this when I was on staff at Woodcrest. I was the programmer for elementary K-5, and one of my jobs was leading the set team. At this time, we were coming up with pretty elaborate sets, and at least one week a month I was pretty much living at the church, and Steve and the kids pretty much had to fend for themselves.
Anyway, nowdays I still do things at church (though, not as many); and I still talk on the phone a lot; and she could probably add sleeping, blogging, and watching the Disney Channel and Reality TV to the mix...ugh...I'm feeling pretty crappy about myself right this minute!!!
If I didn't already feel bad enough about shirking my motherly responsibilities, imagine what I felt like when I read this...

On Sunday my dad is going on a trip. I forgot where. He's already been there before. Last time he brought me a special button. He's going to stay there for four days.

My dad goes to work. Then he picks me and my sister up.

At home he watches sports. While he is (watching sports), he drinks Diet Pepsi. He reads the newspaper a lot, too.

He also folds the laundry. He also cooks (notice the spelling) dinner. He does a lot of things.

UGH...She made my husband into a saint!!!!!LOL


CrazyDeb said...

Every job description at work ends with "and other duties as assigned" which means they can ask us to do anything. I'm thinking R covers that with her last statement, "She does a lot of things during the day." You are an excellent mother and HH is an excellent dad. You do a tremendous amount for your family and friends!!

EE said... always make me feel better:)