Sunday, February 11, 2007

Puppy Update/ Snacking on the Toilet/ Back-breaking Work

Puppy Update:
What were we thinking getting a puppy?????
LOL, don't know why I'm complaining...the girls (especially Sydney) have really stepped up to the plate, and are taking care of everything!!!
Like all of our other animals, this one was a spur-of-the-moment pick. We had talked about waiting until the kids were out of school for the summer, and then going to the humane society to find a young, but potty-trained, small dog. Of course, that isn't what we did...
On Tuesday afternoon, Reilly and I got on the Humane Society's website to see what was available. We then, checked out dogs for sale in the area. We came across the picture of Cody, and were hooked. It turns out that we were familiar with the breeders, and have been to their pumpkin farm many times. We called them, and then drug Steve out to Booneville to check out their Miniature Aussies. (Steve is a total push-over when it comes to dogs, and we knew that he'd be hooked after seeing them...tee hee) We were all hooked, and brought him home with us that night.
Reilly was a little bummed that we were not actually saving a dog from possible euthanasia, but after having Cody around, I think that she's pretty much over it.
I think the worst thing about the puppy thing is having to stand out in the freezing cold waiting for the pup to do his thing. Winter is NOT the time for potty-training/ house-breaking anything!! I am NOT a patient person (I am ADHD), so this is absolutely murder for me!

A Pet Peeve of Mine:
Ok, I just went into the guest (Griffin's) bathroom, and found a lunchable carton in the trash can. I absolutely can't stand finding food/candy wrappers in the bathroom! Is anybody out there with me on this one????
I doubt that my kids are eating in the least they deny it when I ask...but I can't help but imagine one of the kids (ok, Griff) sitting on the toilet enjoying a snack. That totally grosses me out!!!!

Back-breaking Work:
HH's back is out again. I don't think I've ever seen him hobbling around this bad. I think that this
is the reason, but HH denies it. What do you think?????


Anonymous said...

Ahhh housebreaking...I'll trade you puppies. I have a 60 pound one who gets distracted by eating the ice on the ground instead of peeing.

P.S. did you know that Lisa Scribner owns Super Suppers??? She said she knows you so you just MUST go in and at least try one meal!


CrazyDeb said...

First, I had to laugh outloud imagining G sitting on the pot eating a Lunchables. Cracked me up as much as it grossed you out! Second, how can lifting that dog NOT hurt HH's back?!? What was he thinking? Maybe he thought the big dog was feeling left out due to the little dog. :o)