Thursday, February 22, 2007

New Crap

My mom made me take the dog poop photo down:(

Our kids are older. The puppy is pretty much trained. I thought I was done cleaning up poop.
Apparently not:(
It was absolutely horrible...Cosmo, our German Shepherd, had 2 diarrhea explosions in G's room. I've never seen or smelled anything like it! He's 3 (in human years), and has not had an accident since he was a pup, so he must really be sick.
That did not make the thought of cleaning it up any easier...I was ticked!
I couldn't even photograph it, it was so disgusting (and I photograph almost everything...especially those "dark" moments)...had to pull this pict. off of Google images!
I was short with the kids all evening. I bit Sydney's head off a few times, and she totally did not deserve it. I did apologize, though.

Last night, Griff's face was totally flushed. I felt his cheeks and forehead...he was running a fever. I'd like to make it through one week without anyone being sick.
He stayed home from school today. We read and watched the movie Zoom, and then I got most of the upstairs cleaned...I even mopped the floors! This was before the poop incident.
Griff was fine, and could have probably gone to school. This evening before bed, though, he brought the thermometer to me, and he was running a low-grade fever...what the heck???? If he's ok tomorrow morning, I'm going to send him to school. Does this make me a bad mom?
HH missed all the excitement tonight. He's in Hannibal for work. As much as I hate it when he's gone, sometimes it's kind of nice...I actually get things done. HH being gone, motivates me to clean the house and cook dinner. What's up with that???
Well, tomorrow is another day...I only hope it is a day without the big "D"! TTFN

PS For those who love a good "poop" story (someday I'll share some of mine...I've got some doozies), check out


Mindi said...

It does not make you a bad Mom to send him to school tomorrow if the fever is least I don't think so. Give him some tylenol and he will be okay! :)

CrazyDeb said...

Ummm, so why did you feel the need to post a picture related to this "event"? :o) You are NOT a bad mom for sending G to school. If he doesn't have a fever that's where he should be. When HH is gone and you clean, etc. that gives you more time with HIM when he gets home! It's a good thing.

Love ya!!!

Household Executive said...

Okay, HILARIOUS that your mom made you take the picture of the poop down. Too funny! I love it!