Saturday, February 03, 2007

My New BFF/ Man Vs. Wild

I'm in another funk. I think I need a little sun therapy. I haven't gone to the tanning beds in years, but am considering it for my mental health. Although I would much more prefer lying on the beach with the sun's rays beaming down on me, sipping a Pina Colada; getting naked, donning the funky little goggles, and laying in pools of my sweat on a sheet of glass is sounding pretty appealing to me.
This week, I spent the majority of my time under my warm flannel sheets in the comfort of my bed with Reilly. She had/has that deep hacking cough that just wouldn't go away. We read & watched was great bonding time. She's my new BFF!
I finally took her back to the doctor on Thursday, after a horrible night of continuous coughing. The doctor diagnosed her with Bronchitis. Luckily, she coughed through the whole appointment, so the doctor was able to hear what we've been dealing with all week. (Don't you just hate it when you get to the doctor and the kid acts all perky, with none of the symptoms that have been plaguing him prior to the visit?) After listening to the cough and listening to the lungs, the Doc said that she was very surprised to hear that her lungs were as clear as they were...after hearing the cough, she had expected much worse. She put Reilly on Zithromax, and advised me not to send her back to school until Monday. Reilly had not said much during the visit, but spoke up after hearing all of this..."Ummm, there is a soccer game tomorrow night, and ummm, I was wondering if I could play..."
The Doc cut her off and told her that she really needed to sit this game out. LOL, Reilly probably wouldn't have been able to make it half way down the field without collapsing into a fit of coughs!!
Anyway, after being on the meds for three days, she is finally up and about. Me, I'm still nice and comfy in my warm little "bubble"...go figure!!!

Griff is obsessed with the Discovery Channel's "Man Vs. Wild" show. HH has been taping episodes for him, and he's been watching them as much as we'll let him. My favorite episode is where explorer, Bear Grylls, is stuck in the desert. To ward off the heat, he takes off his t-shirt, pees on it, and wraps it around his head and mouth...ewwwww!!!!! If you haven't seen this show, you really should check it out!

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