Saturday, February 17, 2007

Middle School/ Valtrex

I substituted this week on Sydney's team at the middle school. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with these kids...can't believe how much I like this age!!!!
I even moved over to work with the middle schoolers at church. There's so much going on with this age, but they are so open and and so real. I love that!!!
Who wants to join me down in the Middle Ground...I'm recruiting!!!!LOL

Pet Peeve:

Watching television with my kids, and having a Valtrex commercial come on....Ugh! Seems to happen everytime we are watching Mythbusters (Griff's new favorite show) or Trading Spaces! Luckily, Griffin and Reilly have not asked about it...don't really want to explain G. Herpes to them at this time!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW That is a beautiful picture of Sydney! Can't believe i haven't seen it before now! Of course, I believe she was awarded the good citizenship award. she is beautiful....on the outside....but, this girl is a SAINT on the inside! I am impressed everyday. Just don't tell her she is well on her way to becoming homecoming queen! And, you future boyfriends out there, she is a beaut, so you better treat her right! :)

CrazyDeb said...

Beautiful young lady! And as for the citizenship award - that is SO important! It speaks highly of her character and that is something that matters deeply.