Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Life of Reilly

I was watching American Idol with the girls tonight. There was a commercial break, so I decided to check my email.
I heard Reilly say "Ewwwwwwww".
Me: What?
Reilly: A Victoria Secret commercial is on, and there are BOYS in my class who watch this show!

Reilly and I have a nightly ritual. She comes into my room and asks, "Mom, can I take a shower?"
I always reply, "Yes, PLEASE, you stink!"
If I try to change it up, and answer with a plain, "Sure. Go ahead.", she keeps on me until I say it..."Yes, PLEASE, you stink!"
Go figure! TTFN

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CrazyDeb said...

You know, in 40 years R will be saying, "I remember how Mom used to tell me, "You stink" when I wanted to take a shower" and she will laugh and laugh. It's going to be a great memory for her!