Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Stitches Update

HH and Griffin come parading into my room last night, HH holding a tiny pair of scissors. "Guess what Griff is going to help me do?" HH said. I looked at the scissors and said, "What, trim your ear hair?"
HH seemed a little put out, and said, "No, he's going to help me take out my stitches."
HH is normally very level-headed, but I do have to question his thought process on this one...alowing a 7-year-old boy (who doesn't have the best track record with scissors) perform this surgical task:0


Anonymous said...

Soooo, how did it come out??? Did G do a good job on the stitches? Is he an up and coming doctor or is HH hoping it will go that way? :o)

Hope you're feeling better!!!


EE said...

I think Steve wound up taking out most of the stitches himself. G told me today that he did not want to go to college:0
I'm still pretty much confined to my bed...did call the doctor, though...she prescribed anitibiotics...Steve was right again.

Anonymous said...

OK, so after G spent the night at our house & have decided that he is going to be the next doctor in your fam. He was not grossed out by pictures of a lung. i was impressed. ;)

sister M said...

lol about the comment about g not wanted to go to college!