Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Punching Bag

Probably the funniest and most creative gift of the holidays, was given to HH. Aunt Debbie drew Steve's name for the McD. Exchange. She purchased a punching bag for him, and wrote the following poem to accompany the gift.
If you'll remember from his very passionate guest post in November (you'll have to scroll down to America Will Be Fine on that page), HH shared his thoughts about the election results.
Aunt Debbie tends to be much more liberal in the political arena, so she and HH tend to have some very heated discussions about the leadership of our country.
We all had a huge laugh when he opened his gift!!!!
The Poem:
Upon this Merry Xmas Eve
A little gift for you, dear Steve

Two thousand and six has truly been
A difficult time for your Republicans

And truth be told, I know you'd like
to tell us Liberals to take a hike

So, this gift is meant to sooth and please
And allow you to put your mind at ease

So when those "donkeys" become too much
Just give this box a mighty punch

The strength that you will surely build
Can be used in the "big" race for Capitol Hill

Now here's to Hillary and Missouri's Claire, too
Thank goodness they blee the color true blue

I know that you love George and his boys
I can see that they give you much pride and joy

Now no more delaying, let's cut to the chase
cause I can't wait to see the look on your face!
Merry Christmas!
Love, Aunt Debbie

(On the outside of the punching bag box, notice the picts. of Hillary and Claire...teehee)
PS Scroll down to Stitches Update post...I've added a picture of Griff & HH!


Anonymous said...

This is SO funny!! Aunt Debbie has a terrific sense of humor and a talent for writing. Hopefully HH won't get so upset he punches right through it!


Anonymous said...

OK...That Aunt Debbie, a true Massachusetts liberal, even though she grew up in "donkey" country! Punch away HH! I think this bag will come in handy in the next few months!!