Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Lesson In Honesty

I am not always the most honest person in the world (though I strive to be). I normally don't outright lie (ok, sometimes I do), I tend to exaggerate. My girls are constantly calling me on this.
Anyway, I had picked Sydney up from school a few weeks ago, and she told me that she had a problem at school. In her science class, the students were being tested on their ability to come up with the correct contents of a mixture that their teacher had given them. They could use their notes and texts to figure out the answer, but were on the honor system...were not supposed to get the answers from the students who had completed this assessment before them.
Syd overheard a couple of girls discussing their results...actually, one of the girls was giving the other one the answers. She told me that she had the correct answers for all of the contents except for one. I asked her what she planned on doing about it. As if it there was not even another option, she replied: "I'm just going to give him the answers that I initially planned on giving him before I heard the right ones." I told her that another option would be telling the teacher what she had overheard. She immediately jumped in with, "I'm not going to tell on them." I said that she could do it without giving names, and she said that she would think about it.
The next afternoon, she got into the car...I was dieing to know what happened. I waited for her to bring up the subject. Finally, she said, "I took my assessment."
"Well????" I asked. She did not get a 100% on the test...she chose to give the answers that she had initially planned on giving, and recieved an A minus.
I was sooooo proud of her!!! I know that she is a perfectionist when it comes to her grades, and know that not recieving an A is difficult for her. Don't know where this comes from...there were classes I took where I was thrilled to get D's (algebra, geometry).
I honestly couldn't tell you what I would have done if I were in her position, and I'm 36! This is definitely a lesson in honesty for me. The next time I have a tough decision to make, I am going to think of Syd and TRY to do the right thing...wish me luck!!!!!! TTFN


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm 53 and think it would be really hard to do what she did. She's an amazing young lady!! When you see your kids do something so hard yet so right it has to make you feel proud!


JamalT said...

What grade is she in and what team is she on? I may be able to give her some tips on how to deal with her teachers if she is on the team I was on ;)

sister M said...

Most people that brag on their kids...i am like, ok, yeah, whatever....but, when i read this story i was like, OMG! THat is SO Sydney! She truly is a special girl....and so smart. I am so proud of her & I will always remember this when I am faced with a similar situation. thanks, syd....YOU ROCK!