Friday, January 12, 2007

Jump In

If you have tweens living in your house, I'm sure that you spent your evening watching Jump In on the Disney Channel. We have been bombarded with movie trailers and music videos promoting this show for the past several months. I was so sick of hearing the song "Push It To the Limit", that I almost didn't watch the movie. It was fantastic!!! Check out this Common Sense Media review to find out more about it.

Here's what Sydney has to say about Jump In:
I really liked the movie!!! I really liked the double dutch scenes and loved watching those parts. I think Corbin Bleu is so cute:) it's a tie between him and Zac Efron. I also liked all the music videos like "Push It To The Limit" and "Vertical". It was awesome!!!
Here's Reilly's take:
I also liked the movie!!! I liked how Rodney became nice at the end and when the Hot Chili Steppers did their routine. I never knew what a gymnast Corbin is!!! I think the message is always be yourself no matter what other people say or what other people want you to do.

PS After watching the movie, I'm digging the song again...make sure and watch the video! TTFN

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Anonymous said...

I love all your kids so much! It's interesting to read the girls' different takes on the movie. Sydney zones in on the physical parts and the music. Reilly zoned in on the moral of the story. Both girls no doubt got both aspects of the movie - they just chose to write differently. Two wonderful young ladies!