Monday, January 15, 2007

Ice Storm and Stuff

Got out for the first time since the ice storm...have been cooped up with the family for the last three days. I enjoy spending time with the fam, but too much togetherness has resulted in me catching HH and Syd's colds. I've gone through about 2 rolls of toilet paper, just blowing my nose!
Aunt Debbie and I ventured out with Syd and Reilly. We spent over an hour browsing in Target. I was surprised at how many people were at the mall...guess they were as bored as we were! The roads (outside my neighborhood) were surprisingly good. Our driveway and sidewalks...well, they were pretty scary. Aunt Debbie was laughing her butt off watching us try to climb up the driveway. I'm sure that anyone watching had a big laugh! Reilly and I gave up and climbed back into the Tahoe...smug Debbie almost slid into our mailbox trying to get out!!!
At Target, I picked up 2 different kinds of vitamins for the's recommendation for Griffin. Of course, when I got them home, Griffin didn't like either one of them. Also picked up some tissues with aloe. My nose is already thanking me!!!
It looks like the schools are closed tomorrow. Griff is excited, but I think the girls are ready to go back. I can't wait to get Sydney's semester grades. I've seen her second quarter ones on eschool, but I like having the paper copy in hand...seems more official! Warning, bragging ahead...she got all A's again this quarter. Now, I'm not very good at math, but 2 quarters with all A's means a 4 point for the semester...right???
Reilly has been talking with an English accent for the past couple of weeks. She's actually pretty darn good, but it's really starting to get on my nerves!! I think she picked it up from Super Nanny...ugh!
Griff and I have watched The Pink Panther (with Steve Martin), twice. He giggles throughout the entire movie, and it is soooo cute! The actors will say something, Griffin will start laughing hysterically, and then ask me what it meant.
He totally cracks me up!
Well, that's it for my low-key weekend. I'm going to stay up and scrapbook tonight. I'll post my layouts tomorrow. TTFN

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JamalT said...

I'm ready to go back to school too. There is nothing to do. I can't go anywhere because it is too slick.