Tuesday, January 09, 2007

He's Alive!!

When we moved into our new house a year and a half ago, we lost our big, fat, white cat, Buster. He had pretty much turned into an outdoor cat...shooting out the front door any time it was opened. But, he always returned home...usually very early in the morning...to eat, and sleep the day away in the comfort of the house.
Anyway, less than a week after we moved, he got out and never came back. We think that he was unfamiliar with his surroundings and just got lost.
Reilly was heartbroken. She made up flyers describing Buster, which we distributed door-to-door all around the neighborhood.
We got a call from a very nice lady a few streets over, saying that her husband
had fished a dead cat out of the lake...the cat was pretty much unrecognizable, except for the white fluffy tail. She was definitely more broken up about it than I was...she could barely get the info. out and was literally crying hysterically.
We told the kids...there were lots of tears...but eventually everyone (even Reilly) seemed to get over it (especially Steve, who was never really fond of this pet).
Steve was out walking Cosmo last week. They were a couple of streets over, and Cosmo started barking like crazy. Steve found the source...a big, fat, white cat. He rushed home, took me aside, and told me what he had seen. We left Sydney in charge and rushed to the scene of the sighting. I saw Buster sitting on the porch of a large white house.
A neighbor saw us lurking around, and came out of her house to find out what we were up to. She told us that the cat had just appeared in the neighborhood about a year ago, and the woman across the street had taken it in.
I went up to the front door of the white house. Steve tried to stop me...think he was afraid that I was going to try to bring Buster home with us. I was curious, though, so I chatted with the owner of the house, and found out that they took in Buster about a year ago. He showed up on their front door filthy, skinny, and full of worms. She told us how happy the cat (now called Tony) was with them, how much they loved him, how much they spent on him at the vet, etc., etc...think she was afraid that we were going to try to take him back. Now, Buster was not the friendliest of cats...Steve and I were excited to find him alive, but were not excited about the prospect of introducing him again to Cosmo (who still chases Gordo around daily). We were pretty relieved that this family loved him and wanted to continue caring for him.
We asked her if we could visit "Tony" every once in a while, and went home to break the good news to the kids.
They, too, were shocked and wanted to leave that very minute to go see their long lost kitty. It was getting dark, so we pushed off the meeting until the following day. Here are pictures of the reunion...

Below is the only picture of Buster that I could find. He's pictured with HK, my niece, the day that we found him. He had been dumped at the park near her house.


imaeskimo said...

No way...That is amazing...

Anonymous said...

this IS amazing!

Anonymous said...

another MIRACLE IN MISSOURI! This cat is definitely one with 9 lives.