Monday, January 22, 2007

The Gortex Coat

I bought Griffin a new winter coat. I've been watching it all year at the Gap, and when it got down to $29.99, I snatched it up! Steve calls it his "Gortex" coat...says it reminds him of George's coat from that Seinfeld episode. I've searched the web, and cannot find a picture or video from this episode, but did come across one of my favorites (because I AM the master call screener)...enjoy!!!!
(You're going to have to pause the music video to the left, before viewing. I finally found a High School Musical video...the kids and I love this song! Sorry, but it's awfully hard to find clean music videos these days:()


Mom101 said...

Well he should be grateful that at least you got him a puffy coat...and not the puffy shirt, right?

Thanks for the blogroll mention, mama. Such good company I'm in! I'm blushing!

CrazyDeb said...

Coat looks great!! Good lookin' guy!!

This is one of my favorite episodes or at least one of my favorite things I've seen in Seinfeld!


queenbusick said...

needed the giggle!

EE said...

lol...I love the puffy shirt Seinfeld, too!!