Saturday, January 13, 2007

The 6 Day Meal Plan

On Thursday night after my middle school programming meeting at church, I went to the grocery store. My list had 5 items on it...$136.00 later, I left the store with meals for 6 days. I'm a little freaked out, though...some of these meals require actual preparation.
Here's what I intend to fix for my family:
1. grilled cheese and tomato soup
2. frozen lasagna
3. beef brisket
4. sausage, eggs, & biscuits
5. turkey sandwiches
6. I've already forgotten this one...can guarantee it's frozen or in a box, though!

Yesterday, I fixed a croc pot stew for the fam...of course, only HH and Syd ate it:(
Syd is looking over my shoulder telling me that the beef was too big...she only ate the potatoes and veggies...sigh! This is why I don't cook...the fam is too dang picky!!!


Anonymous said...

What kind of things does the family like? I have a couple hundred cookbooks so surely there's something in there they would like. You are welcome to borrow any of them.


Anonymous said...

have you considered Super Suppers? I love it!


EE said...

Hey Jules!!! How are ya???
I have not tried Super Suppers, because I hear that you still have to do the preparations...LOL!!!
DW...thanks for the offer of the cookbooks, but I don't use the ones I have!!!
I'll have to do a whole post on what the fam likes to eat...everyone has such different tastes!!!!

Anonymous said...

There's not much prep other than dumping the stuff into a pan, skillet or crockpot. All of the sauces are made, meats are cleaned and cut, it's easier than Hamburger Helper for sure. No measuring, just mix together and heat. We've had them 3 days in a row now and love it.
I mean if you want to prep it you can, you can go into the store and do the prep (might be something fun to do with the at a time that is) but you can also just call in and get them pre-made AND customized (Brad hates veggies) and then just swing by and pick them up. I recommend trying at least one meal and the kielbasa and chicken cordon this month are SO good.

EE said...

ok, you sold me...I'm gonna try it!!!

Jenny said...

Ha Ha! This is me going to Target--I go in with a small list and come out an hour later with a full cart.

Good luck feeding your family--my three-year-old almost never eats dinner, but he eats three breakfasts so I figure we're okay.

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