Friday, January 19, 2007

1st Heartbreak

I was driving Griff and Reilly to school this morning. We were talking about their square dancing partners in gym class. This led to a conversation about KK- Griff's obsession last year. He never admitted to "liking" this cute little girl, but he always found a way to casually drop her name in ANY conversation. I think Reilly asked him if he still liked KK. He didn't respond. In the rear-view mirror, I see his face start to change...I could tell that he was trying not to cry. Reilly and I kept asking what was wrong, but we got nothing from him. Finally, he said, "She made fun of one of my drawings." In that instant, my heart broke too! I dropped Reilly off at school, and Griff and I circled the parking lot until he got himself under control.
After school, and a conversation with my friend Karen, I talked to the kids about the power of words. We talked about how you can build someone up with them, or tear them down...sometimes unintentionally. This is a good lesson for us all...especially ME!!!! TTFN
PS If you're wondering why there are so many more posts about Griff, it's because I have to get permission from the girls before posting about their lives (since they can read)...obviously, they don't let me post much:(


Anonymous said...

Oh, EE, I can't take it. I want to beat up anyone who would make fun of G. It's almost unbearable to read. I am so glad he told you, though. He has been holding it in and glad he was able to articluate his feelings to you. Bravo on the way you handled it. Good words of advice from Karen. I will definitely use these. Has Karen written a book? Because I need to read it....maybe she should?! sister M (still can't remember my password)

CrazyDeb said...

Owwww - how painful. I'm sorry that Griff had to hurt for us to all be reminded of how hurtful words can be.

I figured the girls were having some say on what you did and did not post about them. They have a right to their privacy even if we love reading about them.