Sunday, December 24, 2006

Favorite Ornament

This one's my all time fave ornament!

Bought this ornament this it, but just missed the one that said something like "When you stop believing you get underwear for Christmas." Still hoping to add it to my collection!

Was reading Tina's blog a few days ago...she was talking about her favorite ornaments and the meaning behind them.
I, too, have always had control over our tree. This was the first Christmas that I let the kids decorate it, and I didn't REdecorate it when the kids were at school. I'd been talking to my Aunt Debbie, and she told me that I needed to teach them about ornament placement. Wow! What a thought!
Anyway, this is what I did, and the tree turned out gorgeous! I don't think I touched a single ornament once we were finished. This was definitely a feat for me!!!
I thought I'd share a few picts...


Anonymous said...

It's absolutely beautiful!! They did a wonderful job and you did as well, leaving it the way they did it.

Merry Christmas dear Friend!!!


imaeskimo said...

Merry Christmas! And, you sure are sweet to say that I have a cool blog. big kids taught me how to add a video! is a bit larger than yours though! And, you tree is georgous...