Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Catch-Up

I have so much to catch up on...it's been a whirlwind this past week. On Friday night, went out to dinner and bowling with the Schweddy kickball team. Will post more about this when I get the picts. back...
On Christmas Eve, we went to church and had my mom's side of the family over for breakfast. I actually enjoyed myself...probably because I didn't have to cook!!! My contribution was cleaning my house and purchasing goodies from Panara Bread!!! Thank God for Nana, Brian, & Debbie...otherwise, we might have gone hungry. Nana made delicious sausage crepes, Brian made an awesome egg casserole, and Debbie brought the beer bread.
Number of people EE ticked off by unintentional comments- 2 (that I know of)
Number of trashbags filled with wrapping paper and boxes- 9
Number of times EE went through the trashbags looking for a lost gift certificate- 1
Number of people unintentionally left out of the scrapbook I made for my mother- 2 (her parents)
Number of people ticked off because they were left out of my mother's scrapbook- 2
Number of fattening crepes consumed by EE that were not on her diet- 4 1/2
Number of games EE was beat by HH in ping pong- too many to count...ugh
Number of stitches HH recieved after cutting his middle finger with a pocket knife- 4
(thank God HH's dad is a Doc!)
Number of children who had a WONDERFUL Christmas at the S house- 3!!!!!
Here are some picts. from Steve's accident- Enjoy...


Anonymous said...

For someone who faints at the sight of blook you sure were good about posting this pics!!! Hope he's doing okay.

Sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas. Now find some pics of the grandparents and make some new scrapbook pages. :o)


Anonymous said...

now HH can give you the middle finger wave when he finds out you posted the picture of him wincing on your blog ;)