Tuesday, December 12, 2006

5000 Hits/ South Park Fascination

Just noticed that my blog counter hit the big 5000 mark! It's kind of exciting to see that my blog has had that many hits...not including my own:)
Haven't written much in the last few days...have been preparing for our Christmas "Program" at church and Reilly's class party. I have a one-track-mind, as you can probably tell, so I haven't been doing much of anything else. The house is a mess, the laundry is overflowing into the kitchen, and I'm as big as a horse...eating everything in sight:(
I did, however, start a diet today. It's 12:20pm and I haven't cheated yet...teehee!
Griffin has discovered South Park or "South Pawk" as he calls it, and is really ticked that I won't let him watch it. He is obsessing about it (wonder where he gets that from)! Evidently, he and HH were flipping through channels the other night, and watched the ending to one of the episodes...now he can't stop talking about it. I've explained over and over that it's not appropriate for kids and why it's not appropriate...even got my friend, Karen, to talk to him about it. That made him even madder....he threatened to run away (for the first time) if Karen or I told anyone else about this:0 So glad he can't read, yet!!!! Anyway, last night he asked me how old he had to be to watch it. I told him that he could watch anything his little heart desired when he turned 18. This seemed to appease him, for the moment anyway...we'll see!!!!! TTFN

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Anonymous said...

MOAB loves this show!!!!! Have you seen it?