Friday, December 29, 2006

13 Year Anniversary

HH and I will be celebrating our 13th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday! Can you imagine anyone putting up with me for that long???? I just love this guy!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are some picts. from the early years...

Our wedding...Yes, I wore black!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!! What a wonderful couple you are!!!

Why black at the wedding? Just being unique or was that the thing to do 13 years ago? I don't remember - heck I barely remember what happened yesterday! :o)

Have a wonderful anniversary!


EE said...

It was a very small wedding! No special reason for the black dress...just liked it!!!

Anonymous said...

the black dress at the wedding; that brings back so many memories.......:)

Anonymous said...

Where you 18 when you got married? You look so young.

EE said...

LOL...thanks for the great compliment...I was 23!!!!