Friday, October 06, 2006

Schweddy's Win Big/ We Love A Parade

The Schweddy's won big tonight...9-0. I am not even going to try to give you a play-by-play or even the game highlights, since I always seem to screw them up:0 I'm counting on Coach write in and do this for me!!
Aunt Debbie and I took the kids to the Rockbridge/Hickman homecoming parade today. We had a PRIME spot to watch the festivities...and I'm not going to tell you where it is...don't want to divulge this information, for fear that EVERYONE will flock there next year.
Incredible spot, perfect weather, prime view, lots of candy, attractive people (non-ugly people, according to Griffin...LOL)...made for a very fun day! I did get beaned in the head with a sucker, but it was worth it!!!
I Love A ParadeSyd, Reilly, and Griffparade2PA050136

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