Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pasta Night/ 2006 World Series Champs!!!!!

We got ourselves invited back to Pasta Night...well, ACTUALLY, we INVITED ourselves back to Pasta Night:0
Pasta Night is my FAV!!!!! Steve and the girls love it, too. Griff stayed behind with Aunt Debbie... he preferred cold pizza and Play Station to a night at the club. What's up with that??????
Julie's parents were in town, so we had fun catching up with them. Normally, I don't like hanging out with OPP's (Other People's Parents), but her parents are pretty cool, i.e., they don't put up with my crap:) Julie's mom thinks I give out too much personal info on my blog (probably true), so I took her (and hubby's) pict. with promises of posting it with their address, phone number, etc.! So, if you are a weirdo or stalker and are interested in this couple, you can find them somewhere in the South!!!!
Here's a picture of our party waiting for their pasta to be cooked. I love it when my food is prepared right in front of me...then I know that some disgruntled chef is not spitting (or worse) into my entree:0
I was trying to get the perfect shot...wasn't paying much attention, and pushed Julie's dad out the way:0 In my defense...thought it was Steve. Julie's mom thought I was hitting on her hubby and threatened to lay me out! Thank God she didn't see me accidentally hit him in the rear a few minutes later...LOL!!!
We discussed mullets and male perms:0
Scott confessed to getting a perm before his sister's wedding. He claims that he was going for the wave, and wound up with the 'fro:0 I think we need a picture, don't you think????????
Can you image this guy with a perm??? Or, Julie married to this guy with a perm?????

Anyway, the boys were anxious to leave early to watch the game. Here are a few picts. of Steve and the kids after the St. Louis Cardinals won the final game of the World Series!!!! Cardinals ROCK!!!!!!!!!
Sydney correctly guessed the game MVP...Eckstein!!! Reilly and I thought it would be Molina...we were wrong:0
After the game and the celebatory high fives and dancing (ok, I was the only one dancing), I announced to the kids...$10 to anyone who can find the remote control in my bedroom! Griffin discovered the remote after about a 10 minute search in a pile of blankets on my bed. Not only that, but he found his missing Gameboy micro, and some Star Wars action figures. He had a very productive night!!!!! The girls were ticked...LOL!!!! TTFN


Anonymous said...

They have pasta day at the office - make it right in front of you. I'm sure it's not the same quality but it's not bad.

imaeskimo said...

What is pasta night? I am afraid that we don't have the great pleasure of having it here in our town. :( However, SAMS does have great meat! lol...

Anonymous said...

The obvious question is.... When was the last time you changed your bed sheets?? How long have all those treasures been in your bed??? Do you know who I am?

EE said...

OK, I change my sheets twice a week...really!!!!! The treasures were actually down in the frame!!!!
The remote had only been missing 24 hours!!! Who the heck are you????? I have NO idea!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That pasta looked nasty! What in the heck is pasta night? Imaeskimo & anon want to know.

EE said...

Pasta Night...They make your Pasta dish in front of you in get to pick the toppings!!! It may look gross...tastes AWESOME!!!!!!!
They have pasta night the last Friday of every month....My mouth is watering just thinking about it!!!!!!