Monday, October 02, 2006

Marshall Homecoming Parade

Friday morning on a whim, I took Reilly and Griffin out of school and headed to Marshall for their homecoming parade. My parents have been helping to organize their reunion (still not sure what number it was), and were riding on a float. I thought the kids might get a kick out of it. I didn't take Syd out, because it's a lot more difficult to make up work in the sixth grade:0
Our visit did not get off to a great start...our parking spot was stolen (as I wrote about a few days ago). Then, we're walking around downtown and people are not very friendly. Griffin said, "Man, everyone here is JUST UGLY!" He did not mean physically unattractive...I know, because I jumped right on that one!!!
We finally found the perfect spot, though, set up our chair to save our place, and then kicked the soccer ball around until the parade started. I missed seeing Melissa and Scott, but did get to see a few people who I went to school with.
Here are a few picts. from the day...
Reilly-Marshall Homecoming ParadeGriffin ParadeNana and Bobby -Marshall Homecoming ParadeNana and Bobby- Marshall Homecoming Parade

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