Monday, October 16, 2006

Hot Crock Pot Tip

Hey! Was at the gym this morning and got this hot crockpot tip (is crockpot one or two words???)...Frozen Boneless Chicken Tenderloins, little bit of water, Cream of Mushroom Soup...on low, all day.
Yep, it fits my cooking criteria...4 ingredients or less; preperation time: 5 minutes:)
I was discussing the possibility of having crock pot week at my house once a month, or crock pot month (for that matter). What do you think...would my family protest???
The way I look at's better than Easy Mac (and yes, Julie, Easy Mac does count as a meal if you add carrots on the side:)TTFN
PS I'm over the grill!!!!


Anonymous said...

Relief! Only word to describe the feeling when I read you were over the grill!!! What on earth were you thinking? :o)

As for crockpot day, week, month - why not! Easy, good, good for you, etc. - just can't beat it. If you need recipes let me know.

Love ya!

EE said...

Please share DW!!!!!!!