Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dirty Sheets...I think NOT!!!!

Just gotta respond to anonymous commenter who was questioning the frequency of my sheet washing... My room is ALWAYS a mess, BUT, I wash my sheets 1-2 times a week... Remember, I have the Cadillac of washers and dryers!!!!! And, I have 3 kids who practically live in my room whenever they are inside. Caught Griffin trying to eat cereal (with milk) on MY side of the bed the other night:0
To clarify: The remote was missing less than 24 hours....Griffin's treasures, which had been missing for months, were found between my box springs and the bed frame!!!!
Life in the Strong house is pretty chaotic, but we have CLEAN sheets!!! LOL...Am I protesting too much?????

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Anonymous said...

Are you happy in your house? Is hot husband happy in your house? Are your 3 kids happy and healthy? Then you live in it and be as messy as you want! :o)